Oct 10, 2012
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    Headphone Inventory:
    I'm bored of the high end stuff, so I am collecting cheap IEMs, I would like to collect cheap headphones, but storage is an issue in my apartment.

    Best budget IEMs:

    1) Philips SHE3590 (V shaped, but not very aggressive, great clarity and bass)
    2) Sony MH1C (Slighly warm, better than the HJE355)
    3) Panasonic HJE355 (Slightly warm)
    4) JVC FX101 (Basshead levels of bass with decent clarity)

    Did not like:

    1) JVC FX1X (too muddy and bloated, hisses)
    2) JVC FX40 (too bright and odd sounding)
    3) Monoprice 8320 (could not get a proper fit)

    Other non-budget models:

    Sennheiser HD650, Audio-Technica M50

    I own a few dead earbuds as well. I wanted to purchase a Denon D2000, too bad they don't make em anymore.
    Source Inventory:
    Many FiiO DACs/amps, DIY O2, Clip, iPhone, etc
    Cable Inventory:
    I tried a Cardas HD650 cable and noticed absolutely no difference, contrary to the opinions on head-fi. I am a firm believer that all cable related purchases are placebo.
    Power-Related Components:
    Line conditioners. To protect my equipment of course.
    Music Preferences:
    Too much, contrary to my username I don't enjoy dubstep.
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