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    How much music did you buy in '09

    bought from local stores, individual sellers and on-line sellers ( more than 150 CDs and a dozen of SACDs .. received a dozen of LPs and a dozen of CDs (including 2 remastered Beatles albums) as gifts from friends here and abroad
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    What album did you buy today?

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    Headphone Stands

    toilet paper holder <==> headphones stand... round base is heavy which gives this stand enough i wish its stem was a bit shorter how does it stand a load ? how about double load.. say metal duo ?
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    Watches - another passion of ours, it your pics!

    i tried an expensive one years ago.. it was for single watch winder that did not last one day on a big Seiko watch.. i thought its motor was not powerful enough.. sent it for warranty.. replaced.. same thing.. hence, retired that one of 5 "double watch" watch winders i am using 4 units.. the...
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    Watches - another passion of ours, it your pics!

    re-shoot Seiko 5 diver's watch my favorite watch winder.. i have 5 of these Double automatic watch winder.: Watches
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    What camera do you use?

    i use much older dSLR Canon 30D plus several lenses.. and Canon iXus 100iS p&s digicam iXus 100IS iXus 970IS
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    Starter Amp for Alessandro MS1's

    you may want to try inexpensive FiiO E5 portable amp as it has bass boost ON/OFF switch and volume control to suit your taste next step? i am waiting for upcoming FiiO E7 dac/amp as this too have bass boost control (and some more added features).. will see how it performs on my...
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    Are you fooling yourself into thinking those are great cans?

    Quote: Originally Posted by EYEdROP Once you start listening to a variety of different headphones and speakers, you get a feel for what you want. Until you hear different stuff, just keep an open mind and enjoy the music. All headphones have strengths and weaknesses. But the important...
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    Rechargeable AAs?

    oh.. i have not used my original eneloop charger as i use La Crosse charger.. i have 2 of these oem chargers which are still inside the package less the batteries when you start charging eneloop through La Crosse the charger has a default mode where it start to work.. it reads the battery...
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    Your New Year's Music Resolution(s)?

    i have good number of preferred LPs already... hence, hunt & buy more preferred music CDs and DVDs
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    High-end IEM vs High-end speakers

    even inexpensive yet detailing speakers like Klipsch promedia GMX A-2.1 beats any headphones & a few inexpensive IEMs at my listening room ... true soundstage and ample amount of controlled bass... you may want to audition decent ones like Dynaudio speakers & subwoofers different beasts .. i...