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    HELP!! There's no way I can solder this PCM chip on my Alien

    Maybe one of this tutorial will help you Tangent Tutorials SparkFun Electronics Curious Inventor - Guides : Surface Mount Soldering especially the last one is quite good
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    How to Make the Most Compatible CMOY?

    you're blocking out the voltage supply to your opamp with those caps.. they should go from V+ and V- to GND, NOT on the opamp pins directly Working with Cranky Op-Amps this site describes what you need to do to make a cmoy which will work with almost all opamps (also shows the right way to...
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    Go-Vibe V6 modding

    Well, you could always replace the opamp. maybe there are other mods that could be done, can you make a pic of the pcb? (replacing caps for instance)
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    Building my first Cmoy amp

    many people chose 75 ohm, as this is the same value as the cable of the etymotic er4s (er4s is just like the er4p, just with a cable which has 75 impedance). but anything between 50-100 ohms should be fine
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    My reference amp design TPA6120

    TzeYang, I think I was a bit unclear, I meant monolithic all-in-one chip amplifiers, not opamps. altough upon closer inspection, the tpa6120 looks much more like a dual opamp than your average chip amplifier - the latter usually require DC blocking caps at the output, and their max, output is...
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    What Piece of Gear did You Blow Up Lately?

    I once put an AD8066 opamp (on a browndog) the wrong way around in a socket. it still works, but it has developed a considerable noise floor. it's now serving its duty in a cmoy for my radio (it's a rack-style radio without any amp inside of it). 95% of the time the hiss of the radio is bigger...
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    1 AAA boost to 5.5v?!

    salvage one from an old cdrom (those who still had a play button and a headphone out) or an old portable radio
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    class A biasing kills battery life?

    well, I wouldn't recommend the AD829. Without very careful balancing of the inputs, DC offsets will be sky high. Unless you have a separate DC offset nulling circuit - but the standard pimeta doesn't.
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    STEPS like power for a headroom microdac?

    Quote: The Headroom gear requires a +/- power supply, trying to do that with a STEPS is not a practical idea. why not? wiring it up is easy (tangent has a description on his site). and if you take perfboard instead of etched pcbs it's also not that pricey
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    TDA 2822 compatibility

    doesn't look moddable. first it hasn't got any external feedback loop, so no gain adjustments are possible. and the 8-pin version is also dc coupled (the 470uF electrolytics at the output). have you got this amp on a etched board, or on a protoboard? you can surely reuse the jacks and the...
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    Best way for audiophile to listen to music at a concert

    I have the Alpine MusicSafe Natural Sound Professional Musician's Ear Plugs (what a long name - and I also paid 15$ more than the price listed on the website). they are very comfortable (far more comfortable than the cx300 iems), and also make a good seal. plus you get a total of 3 plugs and...
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    Want to build a solid state HP amp :)

    hm... M^3 has a solid state output stage, but there are opamps in the design. you can order pcb's (maybe even some kits, but definitely not from amb). the amp got detailed description and you should also get enough help here if needed. but it's not so noob-proof. um... another question...
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    Why do people use Windows?

    Quote: As for Linux..... this is 2007. Command line is a thing of the past. End of story there. a statement from somebody who has apparently never used a unix shell... Working with a shell is a lot faster than clicking around in a GUI. (starting a programm? just type it's name...
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    Amp for sony mdrv6s

    you want it louder? look at ebay for a cmoy amp. or maybe a boostaroo
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    Connecting headphones direct to speaker output terminals - any issues?

    Zorander: yes, definitely check DC offset first before you plug in your headphones. There are DC protection circuits for power amps that cut off at 600mV DC - which seems to be a safe region for loudspeakers, but you will fry or at least damage your phones with 600mV