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    Improve iPod sound quality - EQu

    I've been trying to use EQu for a few weeks now, it's buggy to say the least. It reduces my iPhone 4 to a crawl when in use, I like to fire up an album and check Facebook, browse some sites, maybe play a game. I can't do that with EQu. I don't like how when you launch the app it just starts...
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    Looking for lod for iPhone 4

    Unfortunately the L3 wont work for me. While it does have the Apple size dock connector, it is the older version. Apple has since switched to an even smaller version that the L1 has. I have an older Apple cable with the L3 style connector and it does not fit many of my cases. 
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    non-working temp gauge, non-working fuel gauge + CHeck Engine light on = ?

    Quote: Originally Posted by DanTheMiataMan on OBDII cars always go to Autozone or whatever and have them pull the CEL then google the CEL number to see if it is something critical or not. ODBII - (95-96ish and newer) Unless you live in California, in which case the BAR has put...
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    Hey guys, can you quickly recommend an easy-to-use camcorder for $200-300?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Nocturnal310 I bought Sony SR45E for my vacations.. it has hybrid recording..flash + HDD sony sr45e - Google Product Search Note that model is pal, not ntsc though.
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    What's the first ever record, tape, cd, etc you bought?

    First cd was Inxs Kick, along with my first cd player.
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    Post the last thing you bought. Oh fun!

    Quote: Originally Posted by dallan My first Pink Floyd Album, which is rare for someone of my age, but i heard a jam band do "Dogs" and vaguely remembered there was one of their albums that i liked better than the others and hadn't been sure which one. Well with a Borders 30% off i...
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    Do you like being Single or in Relationship? (Guys thead, girls are welcome to comment though)

    Single guy here, got divorced in 2007, haven't dated since. While I enjoy the single life there is definitely something missing. I miss the companionship, having someone to talk to about everything, the soft touch of a woman. I just met someone a few days ago, and we hit it off right away, so...
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    240GB Toshiba HDD available for iPod 5/5.5G

    Quote: Originally Posted by Nocturnal310 Apple shud release a 320 GB iPod. Agreed! But I don't know how many they would sell, the average user doesn't have that large of a music collection.
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    240GB Toshiba HDD available for iPod 5/5.5G

    Yeah I don't think I can resist this. I was about to buy a 120gb Classic for $250 anyway, so $50 more to upgrade my existing 60gb isn't a huge jump.
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    240GB Toshiba HDD available for iPod 5/5.5G

    Drool, I may have to have that!
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    3G iPhone owners

    My contract has finally expired with at&t and I am debating the purchase of a 3G iPhone. Upon doing some research I found a large number of threads about cracks in the plastic backs of the phone. So I wanted to do an informal survey of 3G iPhone owners here. Does yours have cracks? If so did you...