Apr 21, 2011
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Coding (I know im not realy living)

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    Coding (I know im not realy living)
    Coding (I know thats wired)
    Coding (Oh no, im do it again)
    Headphone Inventory:
    You mean my pathetic inventory...?, mm....
    0) Philips SHL9560 (This headphone start from mid bass to high frequency, you can feel the drum kick'n your ear, if you want more i can kick your head, how about that?)
    1) Sennheiser PC 350 (The nice thing that i ever had :D)
    2) Steelseries Neckband for iDevices
    3) Genius HP-04 Live (see Superlux HD 622B)
    4) A4Tech HSB-100U (I just use this as a speaker)
    5) Creative Tactic 3D Sigma (Too much boom.. boomm)
    6) Superlux HD 622B (see Genius HP-04 Live)
    7) Superlux HD 669 (This headphone cannot handle low frequency!)
    8) Sennheiser HD 205 (This is replacement for The weak Superlux HD 669!)
    9) Sennheiser HD 438 (When i saw this on site, this looks damn good!, when i saw and touch this thing on my desk, DAMN! this look cheap, cheap plastic, cheap headbands, damn this is far from what i was expected!)
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Source Inventory:
    0) Dell XPS M1530 - > iTunes -> Heaphones -> My ears.
    1) Nokia N8 -> Musc Player -> Headphones -> My ears.
    2) Samsung Spica -> Musc Player -> Headphones -> My ears.
    Cable Inventory:
    0) Integerated mic + 1ft extension cable, from my cheap earphone for nokia, for $1.5 (for both! earphone + mic ext, the earphone was broke, but the bass was powerfull, dont laugh!).
    1) Cheap 1/8m extension cable, for $1.5.
    2) 3.5m OFC extension cable, for $15.
    Power-Related Components:
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Creative Tactic 3D THX USB. (The only way I get and experience with.. what people calls fot that? Hi-tech audio? eg: something like dolby, dts, thx), and I really-really doubt this was a true THX! (THX with small usb device + headphone? Ohhhhh.......give me a break!)
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    What "Audio-Related Tweaks" means...?
    0) On OS, I was tweak (I mean setting to) my Windows 7 playback sound to 24bit & 192KHz and adjust bass management freq. respond to 50Hz and boost level to 24Hz. (My sound card name is SigmaTel, you know, no option for it on control panel, just dialog that indicated if jack is connected properly or not! that very-very simple and doesn't make sense!, and the driver was not compatible with my OS especialy for 64bit version).
    1) On iTunes, I set EQ to flat and raise preamp to 3 dB, and set sound enhancer playback to high.
    2) I was make sure headphone jack connected properly to my laptop.
    3) I put my headphone to my head, Directly positioned on ear of course.
    4) I press play button.
    5) Then the magic hapens, Music comes to my ears :D

    and my logitech N700, thisis just laptop desk, but it has speaker(damn quality) too!.
    Music Preferences:
    Metal, Classic
    Logitech G13, MX1100, M705, K350, F710, Cordless Optical Trackman
    Let start with about you
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