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Headphone Inventory
Currently using:
Yinman 600
Shozy BK


ABnormal Labs Duotres 1.5 (sold)
Advance Plus (sold)
AKG Y15 (sold)
ANN N200 (dead)
Aiwa HP-V061 (dead)
Apacer Audio Steno AU824
Docomo (sold)
DQSM Turandot (sold)
Earbuds Anonymous (sold)
Edgun [EarC] (sold)
Edifier P180 (sold)
Edifier P185/H185
Eli Audio Sabia v5
Eli Audio Sabia v6 (sold)
Eli Audio Sabia v7 (sold)
FAAEAL Snow-lotus 1.0 Plus (sold)
FAAEAL Datura Pro (sold)
FENGRU DIY EMX500 (sold)
HE 150PRO (sold)
KBEAR Knight (sold)
KBEAR Stellar (sold)
K's 32
K's Nameless (sold)
K's K300 (sold)
K's Bell-WE Bass Version (sold)
The Kube V1 (sold)
The Kube V1 Plus (sold)
The Kube V2 (sold)
MPIO (dead)
NiceHCK DIY PK2 (sold)
NICEHCK ME80 (sold)
NICEHCK B40 (sold)
NICEHCK Traceless (sold)
Nokia HDD-1(PK1)
Nokia HS-23(PK3)
Nokia HS-28 (dead)
Nokia HS-3
Nokia HDS-3
Nokia WH-102/HS-125 (sold)
LG Headset SGEY0005516-KG800
LG SGEY0005562
LungAudio V2 (Uncle Audio) (sold)
Ocean Pearl OP-139 (sold)
OPPO R9 MH133 (sold)
Panasonic RP-HJ337
Penon BS1 (sold)
Philips SHE3800
Qlabs 3 (sold)
Qian 25 (sold)
Qian 69 (sold)
RAW Soulmate v2 (sold)
Remax RM-303 (sold)
RY4S HI (sold)
RY4S Plus (sold)
Samsung YA-EP370 (sold)
Samsung YA-EP380
Samsung AARM021FBE - D900 (sold)
S e n f e r KP120 (sold)
S e n f e r PT2021
Sennheiser MX375 (dead)
Sharp MD (sold)
ShoonTH ESEP-01BL (sold)
Siemens HHS-550
Siemens HHS-700
Smabat ST-10 Green (sold)
Smabat ST-10s Black Silver (sold)
Smabat ST-10s Black Gold 150Ohm (sold)
Smabat ST-10s Black Gold DIY MX500
Sony Ericsson HPM-62 (sold)
Sony Ericsson HPM-64 (sold)
Toneking TP16 (sold)
Toneking TO600
Toneking Dendroaspis Viridis (sold)
T-Music V2 (sold)
TinGo TC200 (sold)
TinGo TC300 (sold)
TinGo TC400 (sold)
TY Hi-Z HP-32 1.0
TY Hi-Z HP-32 2.0 (sold)
TY Hi-Z HP-32s (sold)
TY Hi-Z AWK-F150TS (sold)
VE Monk v1 (dead)
VE Monk Plus (sold)
VE Zen 2.0
V-Friend Superbass (dead)
Vido Blue (sold)
Vido White (sold)
Vido Red
Willsound MK1 (sold)
Willsound MK2
Willsound MK3 (sold)
Willsound MK32 2019 Edition (sold)
Willsound MK32 2020 Edition (sold)
Yincrow X6 (sold)
Yincrow RW-9 (sold)
Yincrow RW-1000 Bass Pro (sold)
Yincrow RW-2000 (sold)
Source Inventory
Dethonray DTR1 [AK4490EQ]
E1DA 9038S G3 Susumu
LG G7 One [ES9218P]
xDuoo Link2 (sold)
HiBy R5 [CS43198] (sold)
FiiO X1 II [PCM5242] (sold)
Music Preferences
Rock, Metal, Electronic


Earbuds: Yinman 600, Shozy BK, Yincrow RW-2000, Yincrow RW-1000 Bass Pro, K's Bell-WE Bass Version, DQSM Turandot, VE Zen 2.0, TONEKING Dendroaspis Viridis, Toneking TO600, S e n f e r PT2021 32ohm, Smabat ST-10/ST-10s/Silver/Gold, Penon BS1, XIAO Fan T2... (View full list)
DAP: Dethonray DTR1 [AK4490EQ], E1DA 9038S G3 Susumu, HiBy R5 [CS43198], FiiO X1 II [PCM5242], LG G7 One [ES9218P]