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    **Hifiman HE-400 Impressions and Discussion Thread**

    I would also like to know the answer to this question. 
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    Help finding a cable

    Hey guys,    The cable that came with my iBasso D42 portable amp which connects it to my Samsung Galaxy S3 just broke, and I can't find a replacement. I tried emailing iBasso, but not response. I've attached pictures of both ends of the cable. Samsung S3 end    iBasso amp end     Does...
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    Best classical recordings...ever!

    Hey guys,    What recordings should I get for the "best" (relative) interpretations of the Beethoven Piano Sonatas and Chopin Nocturnes?    Thanks! 
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    On a mission to like jazz

    Hey guys,    I've very recently started to get into jazz for the first time, and this thread has been invaluable in helping me explore this exciting music. I'm looking for some more recommendations - here's a list of my favorites so far:  Tomasz Stanko Charles Mingus  Wayne Shorter Bill...
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    NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

    How does the Vali's purported warm tube sound pair with the already warm, dark HE-400s? 
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    Record Players

    Awesome, thanks!    But what if I want to play records without headphones? Will these be able to do that as well? 
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    Beyerdynamic , Grado , AKG , MR speakers

    Q701 and 770s aren't really "wow". I'd go for the Mad Dogs - tight, punchy bass and a great midrange. 
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    Boxing Day Deals Online?

    If you're looking for Boxing Day deals, you aren't going to find any at American stores. Boxing Day's not a thing over here, haha. 
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    **MrSpeakers Mad Dog: Impressions and Discussion Thread**

    Other than the size concern, do they leak any sound? 
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    **MrSpeakers Mad Dog: Impressions and Discussion Thread**

    How are these as portable headphones? Specifically in terms of sound leakage, both out and in?    Thanks! 
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    NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

    Hey all,    I've been looking for a tube amp for a while now, to get a taste of that purported magical tube warmth, and a Vali / Modi stack seems to be the ticket. I just have a couple of questions, since I'm new to the tube world:    I know that the Vali is a "hybrid" tube amp, whatever...
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    Regrets... And Need some advice on Grado upgrade please.

    The 325is are more aggressive and have a harsher treble. I prefer the smoother, more refined (to my ears) yet still lively sound of the 225is. Of course, if you have the budget you should go higher on the Grado chain. It's just a question of if you have the funds.    Yes, the custom...
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    Android phones and USB DACs

    DanBa, could you update the original post with this list, so everytime people want to look at it they don't have to go digging through the thread?    Thanks!  Quote:
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    **Hifiman HE-400 Impressions and Discussion Thread**

    I've heard varied accounts of the HE-400's sound signature - some say they're more neutral, others say they're more colored, although it seems to be generally agreed that they're warm and dark. Another facet I can't seem to find a reliable account of are the mids. Some people think they're good...
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    I need new headphones!

    Yes, very much so. They have full, rich mids and deep, punchy bass, although treble is rolled off. Overall a very smooth sounding and really great headphone. Comfort is average, I can wear mine for 2 hours max before they start to get a little uncomfortable.