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    Lenntek Pro Series IE's $50 off @Costco = $79. Anyone experienced these or seen reviews?

    The $20 Sonix were interesting. Very bass heavy - sadly to the detriment of the mid-high to high end. Cymbals muffled and the overall soundstage was compressed and dark. Too bad because detail was good. Range was just skewed way to low. The Hip-Hop kids who cruise my neighborhood blowing out...
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    Best SQ of Current iPod Lineup?

    Been out of the iPod loop for some time. I am still using a (1stGen)1GB Shuffle and PX-100 headphones - AM jogging mostly, some vacation listening. When I did audition Nano 2Gen a while back I didn't think it beat the Shuffle, so I stayed put. I am heading out on a long trip and would like more...
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    FS: Pana SL-NPIA PCP

    For Sale: Panasonic Portable CD Player SL-NP1A. Excellent condition. Very Solid Unit. Clean Line-Out. Clean Headphone-Out. Includes AC Adapter. (no headphones) $50 plus $7 UPS US insured shipping. email if interested Steve pics available on request
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