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    Reply to review by 'afterstory100' on item 'ELi Audio Sabia V3 Earbud'

    great review!! but i've tried all sabia and somehow my favorite is still the v1
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    QDC - Discussion and Impressions Thread

    i tried the qdc 8ch and truly impressed.... for an unknown brand.. 8ch's coherency is even better than k10u in my opinion, with more neutral tonality and better layering.... everyone needs to know about this brand. The price tag is quite high though
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    Review by 'afterstory100' on item 'Xiaomi Mi Hybrid Earphone In-Ear Headphones Multi-unit Circle Iron Mixed Piston Earphones Silver Color'

    there's quite a hype about this product in my country, so i decided to buy it from a trusted source.  Starting from packaging, it's quite simple, maybe even too simple, even piston 2 and 3 has better packaging accompanied with hardcase   the only thing i could found positive in this product...
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    Review by 'afterstory100' on item 'DITA Audio The Answer'

    i Bought a secondhand Dita - The Answer with a good condition at half it's price... i think this is an awesome purchase, because now it's simply my favorite iem and also my daily iem (i usually separate it). Dita is quite unique i must say, since at it's new price point ,the majority of...
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    try spinfit cp800 on your 232... it works wonderfully :D tighter bass and better focus on instrument imaging
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    Reply to review by 'afterstory100' on item 'Flare Audio R2A Sound Isolating In-Ear Aluminum Earphones with High Definition & Distortion Free Sound (Black)'

    i think yes they were tuned specifically for using foam tips with filter, i've tried to use foam tips without filter, and i could still find the peaks, but not as much as silicone. the problem is..... my ears somehow really prefer silicone tips in terms of comfort
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    Review by 'afterstory100' on item 'Xiaomi Pistons 3.0 in-ear headphones'

    Build & fit : these iem are gorgeus... truly great looking, like a pair of black expensive earrings.. the fits are so-so.. not really good.. but not really bad either..    isolation : i guess they're trying to make them airy.. so yeah it won't really isolate   sound : bass : a good bass...
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