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    Devialet Gold Phantom speaker

    I bought the gold phantom a few weeks ago and i have to now fork out another 2.6k so i stereo myself... oh yes very fine indeed. bit annoying having to buy the D I A L O G for an extra 300 euro to pair these but it MUST be done........ owner of akg k100, grado rs1,akg k812 *fav*... he.400i...
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    k1000 owners club

    Times been hard last few years no fun time at all. but our boy is 3 now so i can start to slowly think about myself again. Some of you may have seen the recent ebay listing of "k1k #5047" this is my new "Treasure"   Ive got ray hammering away on # not sure yet dark star to sit quietly...
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    [No title]

    pics dec 579.JPG
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    Westone 3 - You asked for it, we listened !

    I just got my wenstone 2's and i could not be more happier.. Wanted these about a year ago. but diddnt have the funds, then there was news about the westone3's and i jizzed but i couldnt wait any longer. Blah.. well happy.
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    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part IX]

    Super nice pics btw blueberry B+W works luvleh... : )
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    Now THIS is DIY.

    Mint post , thanks for adding this DM..
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    Good to hear you got that right ear fixed trouse..(tup)
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    Beyerdynamic 880 giveaway/picture contest **56K Warning**

    New account, only post's are for some free cans. I was a day early and i do appologize to anyone, appart from you Mirai*, that might of posted some pictures within that last 12 hours. Can smell you a mile away m8. My lady picked his image in that last 12 hours because it looked, To...
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    False K801 looks neat. <3

    i like the maroon pads,about all.
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    PS-1 on ebay

    you addicted to these eBay threads Larry. 8D you make me laff mate.. you dispise them so much yet you cant seem to stay away Why is that exactly?
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    *Look-Out* eBay warning HP-1,HP-2,HF-1

    Bump.. why not?
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    did anyone here win this?

    look out for the simpletons on here. few Anon plebs like to pout how they hate ebay advertising. I got royaly bummed a few days ago for posting some grado cans for sale. GL to whoever got them. I paid nearly double that for the RS-1's alone. = /
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    Beyerdynamic 880 giveaway/picture contest **56K Warning**

    CONTEST HAS ENDED Mrvile won. His image is posted at the start of the thread. I will post a picture of her tattoo when she gets it done. best, James.
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    Pics of Headphones... Rules: ONE PIC. NO WORDS!

    Quote: Originally Posted by swt61 Gorgeous! cant wait for the review..
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    *Look-Out* eBay warning HP-1,HP-2,HF-1

    moon audio have nowt to lose. they balanced as well..