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    Koss Pro DJ 100 - The Budget King

    Quote: Can you describe how the DJ100 fits? How does it fold up in the case, if you have any pictures thatd be great.  
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    digiZoid ZO Contest: "What does music mean to you?"

    Music is just another part of life and reality that us as human beings can experience. Just like many other things in life music is very diverse. So many variations, there are many different experiences and anyone can enjoy it. Exploring the universe of music is something that I love to do and...
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    FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Nuforce NE-700X earphones / IEM (non-mic version) - post your thoughts here

    What trial offer? Can you elaborate? I have just heard about these and cant wait till the end of december to get my hands on a pair.
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    ATH-ES7 For 69.99?

    Thanks, though I still have to figure out which place is cheaper total, JR or Beach. I know I can trust these places. Ive figured out the total with JR but Beach no. Hmm whats a couple dollars anyway, Ill just go with JR.
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    ATH-ES7 For 69.99?

    I saved up some money for some es7s and was looking around Amazon. I was thinking of buying them from either J&R or Beach Camera but I noticed from this search that pop shopping are selling them for a limited time for 69.99. I dont know if I should trust it but it seems legit since its a...
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    How can I dump out thread contents?

    Sometimes when google leads me to a forum thread it shows it in an archive form that shows all posts, not sure how it does that though.
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    Headphone Shops?

    How about in San Francisco? Id like to try some Audio Technicas but anything else would be fine.
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    Jlab Jbuds J2 Impressions.

    I just got my J2s in the mail today in a brown envelope. The box is kinda squashed which is disappointing since the ones that came from amazon came in a box. I am wondering if I should use my J2s as gift and return the other thing I was getting as a gift and get the NE8. So I am basing my...
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    Christmas Laptop/Notebook

    Having dual cores does not mean it is two times as fast. Multi-core processors are good for multi-tasking so you will not really see a benefit for programs unless they are multi-threaded. The thing with laptops is that for the price range you will have to pay more for performance than...
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    Promising new portable headphone amp (Mobile Icon) from NuForce

    Thanks boomy but Ive already seen that, I meant technical terms like line in/out, DAC, LOD, etc. Jason, Ive been looking around and I saw mention of discount bundles with the NE8 and desktop icons but that was dated a month ago. Are there gonna be bundle discounts with the Icon Mobile and the...
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    Jlab Jbuds J2 Impressions.

    What makes you say that they are bad for trance joe? Is it because of the bass or the highs? I havent finished burning in mine yet, well technically they are my brothers, mine have not come yet. Anyway if they turn out to be that unsatisfactory, Ill just use them as a gift instead and return the...
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    Promising new portable headphone amp (Mobile Icon) from NuForce

    Im thinking of getting these as my first amp. How would "burn in" work on an amp? I have a vague idea of how "burn in" works for phones but am kinda confused with the idea of it with amps. I am completely new to amps and while looking at all these threads have educated me a little, there are a...
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    Compilation of portable amps

    Quote: Originally Posted by Happy Camper Shouldn't this be moved to portable amps? I also think this should be moved to portable amps but then again it doesnt seem to be updated and the op hasnt logged on for a year. Maybe someone should start a new thread in portable amps.