Dec 7, 2008
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SW Development Manager

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    SW Development Manager
    Motorcycles, High-end Audio, Wine
    Leaning 45 degrees and/or exceeding 100 mph on two wheels!
    Headphone Inventory:
    Westone W3s
    APS V3 HD650s
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    P-51, Red-ended, Gold-knobbed over Black

    PDPS, Maxed, Tuxedo-style (Silver on Black) Woo WA6, Sophia and Sylvania 6FD7s, IsoClean fuse, Blacksand Violet Power cable
    Source Inventory:
    32GB Touch 2G
    Wadia iTransport, heavily modded w/ new Superclock4, voltage regulators, caps, resistors, WBT jack, modded Channel Islands 9V power supply, Violet cable
    Cable Inventory:
    ALO SXC Cryo 18G
    Custom ALO IC for main rig
    Violets for power
    Power-Related Components:
    PS Audio Duet
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Parts-Connexion Level-2-modded Shanling Cd-T100 Hybrid CD Player
    BrightStar Isorack
    Parts-Connexion Level-2-modded Shanling SP-80 Tube Amps, Rolled to vintage RCA/Siemens
    Triangle Naia 260 Loudspeakers
    Von Schweikert VR-S1 Subwoofer
    Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval 8 speaker cable
    Harmonic Technology ProSilway Mk3 interconnects
    PS Audio power supply/cables
    Music Preferences:
    1950s BeBop & post-bop Jazz, Alternative Modern
    On my own since I was 15


    Mobile: iPod Touch 2G - ALO SXC Cryo 18G - P51 Mustang - Westone 3s -> Lossless only!
    Immobile: Violet Z1 -> PS Audio Duet -> Violet Z1(s) -> RAM-Modded CIAudio VDC-9 -> RAM-Modded Wadia 170 i/iPod Touch 2G 32GB -> AnalysisPlus Digital Oval -> Cullen-Level-4 PSAudio DL III -> ALO Custom IC ->...
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