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    Ibasso it01, eartip size?

    Hi, I am planning to buy the ibasso it01, but before I do, I just need check on the eartip size. I don't like foam tips, and I usually use silicone tips. The biggest I can go is 9mm ear tips before it hurts after a few hours. So can anyone get out a pair of calipers and see what's the...
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    Looking for a ~$100 IEM for smaller ear canals and Nina simone

    hi, Funny thing, this will be my first post, after joining for 6 years, didn't realised that it was that long ago, and 6 years ago, this website pointed me to the sound magic e10, and now, 6 years later, the earphone is showing it's age on rubber and now i'm looking for an upgrade!! [I'm from...
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    an earphone for good high frequency?

    though i like dubsteps and such, i like more of my jazz with high saxophone and good violin and choir for ogustra, i don't have much but i'm willing to pay up to 20 pounds (i live in london) that is $30, i've seen the jvc explosive and i was going to buy it, but i have small ear canals so i...
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    what would be the sizes of sound magic's silicon eartips?

    i'm looking into buying soundmagic's pl21 but before i buy it, i would like to know the dimentions of the eartips, because i have small ear channel and i spend time finding one that fits my ear chanel.  it would be great if someone informed me of the dimentions of all S/M/L/XL. thx!
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