New to highend headphones. 1st Pair of DIY CIEMS project (WIP)

  1. threedprof
    Hey everyone. I've been lurking around for several years trying to get my head wrapped around the immense brain-dump of information. So, let's just say this project was spawned thanks to this forum.

    Parts used:
    Knowles GV 32380 bundles
    1500A Tweeters @ 5mm from the end of the snout and useing #16 NEAL tube with #13 bushing.
    2200A mids/subs @ 7mm from the end of the snout and using #13 NEAL tube with a tiny piece of #16 to hold onto the snout.

    Now time for the pics.

    It all started with the ear impressions

    Since I didn't really know what i needed from the audiologist, he trimmed way too much off but then it was too late to go back and get them redone. So I improvised with a clay buildup

    First shell didn't turn out so great. Won't bore you with the details of the other few failed shells BUT valuable lessons were learned during this process. I learned that I could simply add UV resin to certain areas and basically "Sculpt" the final product.

    Once I was happy with the design, the Knox Gelatin/Vegetable Glycerin mold making process could begin

    After seeing so many of you seal your IEMs in (likely because you all know what you're doing) I opt'ed to keep mine hollow and parts accessible. Here is the lid created with the bolt/nut standoff molded into place. Fastened together with micro stainless steel cap screws/nuts. Worked out first whack!


    Since i didn't have the cable yet, I may have to excavate the MMCX sockets and remake the lids. We'll see once it arrives from china.

    Thanks for taking a peek at the build. Feel free to comment and let me know if there's something glaringly incorrect.

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