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  1. RingingEars
    Never really thought about it in the digital realm. I just always thought, man for an MIT graduate, Freeman was just kind of stupid.[​IMG]
  2. conkerman
    Finally got round to finishing this.
    Its bloody brilliant, and transported me back to 1998 on several occasions. Ladders are dumb, but what do you want for nothing?
    A+++++ will play again.
  3. Mad Max
    Awesome game, still playing through.
  4. ru57y
    wish they'd release the last bit already! 
    loved almost every minute, however the 1998 style lack of direction irritated me slightly :frowning2: 
  5. conkerman
    Why? The Xen part of HL was rubbish.
    I think it is pretty much spot on. Although Source related ladder fail is infuriating.
  6. ru57y
    that ladder issue?
    gotta love the stereo separation on ladder climbing though. 
    sound in general in BMS kicks ass. 

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