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Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by za beasto, Sep 15, 2012.
  2. Xzbeat
    Was playing it for most of yesterday - awesome game, highly recommended.
  3. NinjaSushi2
    Never heard of it but if it's a fan based game off HL series then, IM IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [​IMG]
  4. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    Totally downloading it now.
    Okay let me know what you guys think of the game after you get a chance to play it for a bit.
  6. Enki
    I've played it quite a bit, definitely worth the wait.
  7. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    It takes to long for anything to happen. Got to the suit and stopped there.

    I was able to play with pretty much Max settings on anything but 2x AA and Reflect World. Runs at 60fps for now, but noticed some slight slow down when the mech appeared at the very beginning. I wonder if the fps will dip when I'm actually playing during heavy action.

    Not bad for using a non gaming gfx card.
  8. RingingEars
    Oh how did I miss this?
    I've been a Half Life fan since the original and now my daughter is into it. We sit and play it for hours. We have every HL based game/mod available. Not sure how I missed this one.
    Just last night we got the "tiny rocketman" achievement in HL2 episode2 where you have to pack that damn gnome around the entire game and stick him in the rocket in end.
    Thanks for the heads up...
  9. DamageInc77
    I completed it yesterday.
    Was excellent, except for a bit lackluster ending.
  10. Somnambulist
    It was the mod equivalent of Duke Nukem Forever... people wondered for years and years if it would ever come out. And now, finally, it has. Except for the Xen bits. Which they're still doing.
  11. NinjaSushi2
    Look up LGR (Lazy Gamer Reviews) on youtube about a full in depth look into it
     He talks about all they do, the changes good and bad, etc. 
  12. hiyu64
    I've beaten Black Mesa and I have to say it is very well done.  I've played through half-life 1 countless times and black mesa really impressed me.  Almost all of the areas could be identified from the original game, but black mesa gave them a fresh look.  Some areas were recreated faithfully, but other areas were shorted to streamline the game.  I think they made pretty good decisions on what to add/cut.  Marines were still ridiculously accurate even if they can only see a pixel of your toes.  Ladders were really hard to get on/off and you can't jump off of them.  Pretty sure that's a source engine problem.  I am really impressed at the game and I hope they'll finish that last 5% of the game soon.  
  13. jlaseter
    Crouch-jump. You'll come to know it well in Black Mesa Source. Crouch-jump, my friend.
    Annoying crouch-jumping aside, it's a faithful enough remake that it made me want to play the original HL1 concurrently. Looking forward to Xen.
  14. conkerman
    +1 for Ladders. 
    If I had paid for this, I would have been ranting as it is a cardinal sin to die because of ladders. But my absolute wholehearted admiration goes out to the Black Mesa team. They have done an awesome Job.
    For the record, I still hate Blast Pit.
    Just finishing Surface tension now. Keep playing that level through. Truly Epic.
  15. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    I'll probably play through Black Mesa once I'm willing to move the desktop to the room at least while I play the game. :rolleyes: Would prefer to play on my 65" than on my monitor.

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