1. jared89
  2. goodvibes
    People do like to join to complain. I believe that if they're in the original warranty period, they will get replaced and I suspect Shure would allow you the 535. They have a flat fee foe replacement for non warranty that is extremely reasonable and in the US, their service is great. Customer service isn't about discussing the history but about getting you sorted. You obviously don't like your options and are getting even. I had a filter problem with one and like you got a free replacement. over th 1.5 years I had them, the cable looked like the day I bought them as is the case for my business partners now over 2 year old pair. Any that are now less than about 2.5 years old have a revised cable that has good durability so the current answer about no particular cable problem is correct. 530s aren't the only IEM to have cable issues after a couple years of use. It's a bugger of the breed.
     I actually prefer the later 530 cable to the current heavy memory cable and think the 535 more different than better than a 530 in general.
  3. jared89
  4. TCD1975
    Your 530s are out of warranty but you expect Shure to replace them with a new pair of 535s? Okay, good luck with that.
    If you want a pair of IEMs with detachable cables I think you're probably going to have to buy a pair.
  5. jared89
  6. goodvibes
    Reread your first post. Yes, you're complaining and of course a supervisor needs to approve something they don't normally do. You're calling them useless, clueless and not treating you fairly. Rest assured that if you get a new pair of 530s, they'll have the newer cable. Sounds like you've had 530s for 4 or 5 years without additional cost. That's a long time for any universal IEM, even with the best construction. They're offering you a replacement you now know is acceptable and at a steal and yet you're slamming them. Hope you do get what you want but maybe a gentler approach and a bit of patience would get you further. In the Caribbean this attitude would get you the room overlooking the alley.

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