USB Power Isolator So, what the heck is this little thing? Well, it's either the world's most...

Wyrd USB Decrapifier

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  • USB Power Isolator

    So, what the heck is this little thing? Well, it's either the world's most expensive and limited USB hub, or it's the key to eliminating sticky USB audio problems. Simply put, it cleans up your USB connection, eliminating noise and glitches caused by crappy USB power or USB port power management.
    The Cure for Noise and Glitches
    Have you ever heard strange noise from your USB DAC? Or have you had it "drop out" after the computer goes to sleep? Or does your computer have trouble recognizing your DAC at all? It could be due to noisy USB power, or USB port power management (very common with Windows 8 and Mac Mavericks.)

    Improves Sound, Color Printing, Data Stability
    Just kidding. This is silly. That's like saying charging your iPhone off Wyrd makes the battery last longer. But some listeners say Wyrd improves the sound of their system. We're not going to make any such claims. Nor are we going to recommend it for printers, external USB drives, or iPhone chargers.

    Works With Any USB DAC
    Wyrd isn't limited to working with Schiit products. You can use it with any USB DAC-2.0, 1.0, 32/384, whatever-it doesn't care. All it's doing is cleaning up the USB connection, and it supports all USB Audio Standards.

    Made in USA
    By "Made in USA," we mean Made in USA. Not "we just put in the last screw and said, 'Assembled in USA.'" The vast majority of the total production cost of Wyrd-chassis, boards, assembly, etc-goes to USA companies manufacturing in the USA.

    2-Year Warranty
    Wyrd is covered by a limited warranty that covers parts and labor for 2 years.

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  1. Dizzily
    "Noisy USB ports? This will fix it."
    Pros - Does as advertised. Solid build quality. Fixed my noisy USB ports.
    Cons - Other solutions might exist for cheaper. No type-B USB cable included.
    I occasionally want to use my Dragonfly Red DAC with my desktop computer. I've never had issues with the Dragonfly from my laptop ports or my phone's micro-USB port. However, when connected on any USB port of my desktop, I get a loud hizzing/buzzing noise that ruins the sound of the DAC.
    So, I bought the Schiit Wyrd. It fixed the problem perfectly. Zero hissing/buzzing whatsoever. Clean, clear sound. 
    I'm not going to tell you that it magically improves the sound of the DAC. Nor can I tell you whether or not other cheaper solutions might exist, such as a regular powered USB hub or the Audioquest Jitterbug. I didn't try any other solutions. 
    I can say only that the Schiit Wyrd worked perfectly and solved my problem. 
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  2. Currawong
    "The Schiit Audio Wyrd is a handy device for fixing computer audio USB issues and can sometimes improve the SQ of DACs."
    Pros - Inexpensive, passes through all forms of audio as they are, even very high res.
    Cons - Requires use of its wall-wart and can't use USB bus power.
    The world’s most expensive 1-port USB hub, Jason Stoddard joked about the Wyrd. The story was as its namesake: Jason and Mike put together a USB filter expecting it to have no effect on their already carefully considered DAC USB inputs and were surprised when the sound quality improved. With similar exclamation from others who tried the prototype, they put it in to production promising nothing.

    I’ve spent a number of years mucking about with DAC inputs, using converters and power supplies ranging up into the 4-figure mark, so at $99 the Wyrd was a no-brainer. Jitter, having long been quite thoroughly dealt with in USB lead many to wonder what was causing the differences with various devices and cables and noise from the computer being sent over the USB lines was revealed to be the culprit.
    The crown of the converters I've used has been the Audiophilleo 1 with optional Pure Power pack. I'd also bought a Vanix USB hub with its higher-quality USB power output, designed for their signal generators. That hub had done well with a Calyx 24/192 DAC, better I felt than the optional better PSU that Calyx offered, so I'm no stranger to these kinds of tweaks. I couldn't have imagined that anything would beat the Audiophilleo, but with a Chord Hugo as my main DAC for some time, I was surprised that it seemed to at least match it when hooked up. The Hugo's USB port is a bit sensitive to computer noise, the result being a touch of hardness to the treble when listening. That vanished using the Audiophilleo through the S/PDIF and, much to my delight, with the Wyrd through the high-res USB port.
    Similar improvements were to be had with a Calyx M and FiiO X5II DAPs when they were used in DAC mode. When up-sampling to 384 kHz, USB transmission quality becomes critical and the Wyrd ensures glitch-free listening to USB DACs in those cases. I’ve also used it when I had trouble transferring music files to DAPs using Android File Transfer on my Mac, which would drop transfers far too readily if the transfer was interrupted in any way. That makes the much cheaper Wyrd vastly better value and more versatile than an S/PDIF converter. Funnily enough, when I was comparing a Soundaware D100PRO music server with the Audiophilleo AP1, I found that the Wyrd improved the AP1's performance, something I thought wouldn't be possible! Weird (or Wyrd) indeed!
    For devices which already have, say, galvanic isolation on their USB inputs the Wyrd may have no benefit. I’ve heard it may even not work well with some devices. But for $99 it has proven to be a versatile and useful device that has solved even some problems I didn’t know I had.
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  3. Mediahound
    "If you run USB, you need this!"
    Pros - Absolutely sounds better with it
    Cons - Power supply draws 2 watt even when unit is off
    I've done a lot of A-B comparing and the Schiit Wyrd absolutely improves my sound quality. Without it, the music sounds more distant, less expansive, less clear and also a bit softer volume. 
    A bit of background; I'm running a good quality 10 foot Belkin AV USB able from my Mac to the Dac. The Mac has sorta weak USB as it is.
    I was not really getting dropouts except on a rare occasion, but I would definitely hear some buzzing on certain tracks at times. 10 feet of USB cable can't be great.  
    The Wyrd cleared all that up. I would say if you run USB, you need Wyrd. 
    My only small complaint is that the power supply draws 2 watts of power when the Wyrd is off. That's not a whole lot of power, but I'm a stickler for vampire draws. 
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