The Kaiser 10 (K10) custom in-ear monitor is a design that was first conceptualized several years...

Noble Audio Kaiser 10

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  • The Kaiser 10 (K10) custom in-ear monitor is a design that was first conceptualized several years ago. Wizard and Kaiser Soze recently reverted back to the original design and used the knowledge they gained over the years to build upon it. Out of honor and recognition for Kaiser Soze’s dedication, support, and leadership, Noble’s flagship IEM bears the name, Kaiser 10.

    Described as “Wizard's greatest hits,” the K10 custom in-ear monitors are seemingly unchallenged at every frequency and capacity. 10-drivers working in unison as one results in what is likely the most coherent sound ever produced by a portable audio product.

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  1. ss5972
    "Phenomenal combination of art and music"
    Pros - sound quality, build quality, fit, soundstage, separation, asthetics
    Cons - size (a bit bulgy), cost
    After spending over a week of daily listening to these ciems I can confidently say that I have made an excellent choice with these ciems. There is nothing that i can say that hasn't been already covered by the numerous reviews. The plentiful reviews that praise the k10s for its amazing lows, mids, highs, sound-stage, separation, and not forgetting about the gorgeous art....they're all true. Noble's TOTL offerings are truly end-game gear for those who are in the hobby.
    Cons? They're a bit bulgy - but i can live with that. Not much you can do with so many drivers in each ear. Oh and they are a bit expensive. If you can look past those two "cons" then the kaisers will become the best earphones you own.
  2. Kaisendon
    "The one sound in my life"
    Pros - The IEM has a gorgeous finishing and fit is so perfect. Sound reverberates in your ear so naturally.
    Cons - I only have one pair of it
    The Noble Audio Kaiser 10 is the most perfect IEM I have ever heard, period.
  3. Bossatiger
    "End-game portables"
    Pros - sound quality, fit and comfort, build quality, wizard art
    Cons - price, build time, cable
    I purchased a second-hand pair on Head-Fi and got them reshelled through the Noble "OWNERSHIP TRANSFER SERVICE (ACRYLIC)." I chose to add Wizard reprint of a beautiful pattern I really liked, and added my own little signature. 
    As many other reviewers stated, the sound is extremely cohesive. Silky smooth and non-fatiguing, but all the detail is there. Everything sounds so damn good and transparent. And I can listen to it for hours on end. This is my end-game portable, and I enjoy it over my HD800 and LCD-3. Responds excellently to EQing. 
    The Wizard reprint is beautiful. I really like how it's not a 1:1 reprint but rather a unique re-make of the same overall design. 
    EDIT: I am currently noticing problems with the fit and seal. The right earpiece breaks seal when my jaw is nearly or completely closed, and only seals properly when my jaw is two finger widths open. The left earpiece seals much better through my entire range of jaw motion, but also seems to be much tighter of a fit than my right earpiece (which seems loose). For reference, during my first audiologist impression, she had me use my index finger as a bite block. I also have TMJ issues, which may exacerbate the problem.
    EDIT2: there's also a degree of play between the right earpiece canal and my actual ear canal. The right earpiece can seat in different positions resulting in different fits and sealing, while the left earpiece only fits in one position and consistently seals better.
    Cable is really microphonic and feels kinda cheap. Might be replacing it in the future with one that's better built, but it works fine for now. 
    Noble took two months to build it, as stated on their page. It took a long time, but was worth the wait.
    Price is definitely in the high range, but I knew what design I wanted and I was okay with purchasing second-hand for a reshell. Probably my best audio purchase yet. 

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