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    "ATH-CKS90 review (Comparison of CK10)"
    ATH-CKS90 is Dynamic earphones.
    The sound quality is high.
    Recommend to people who like bass.[​IMG]

    ATH-CK10 is clean mid - treble. But bass is lacking.
    Purchased in order to compensate for this frustration.
    To enhance the midrange and high frequencies CK10.
    The fully equipped with bass from the midrange is a feeling that the opposite CKS90.

    From the front.(body-worn)
    rugged appearance.

    Slide the earpiece, you can change the sound.
    Deep position (used to pull. set near the ear) and the standard position (insert deep and the earpiece) as the two.

    Shows at a glance right and left.
    This is good.

    L-shaped plug.
    I feel stiff and good.
    Shows like a double molding, improved durability?


    CK10 in the Y slide tube bundle with two cables after Junction.
    CKS90 has not adhered to.
    It seems that only the slide with a tube through the cable installation method over the ear.
    Left ATH-CKS90, ATH-CK10 is right.
    I'm taking the same left side.

    CK10 is a dual BA, but very small.
    CKS90 is large but dynamic type. A marked contrast.
    CKS90 is characterized by between the cable and housing.
    This part may be hit in the ear.
    Fit is great.
    But I think that it is disturbing part of this base. (considerably more so under the ear)

    This shape, I think the cable to reduce Touch-noize.


    ATH-CK10 ATH-CKS90 and is all in contrast size and shape of the sound.

    ATH-CKS90 φ13mm Dynamic Driver
    Output sound pressure level: 106dB/mW
    Playback frequency: 5 ~ 25,000 Hz
    Maximum input: 100mW
    Impedance: 16Ω
    Weight: about 9g (excluding cord)
    Plug: Gold-plated stereo mini-φ3.5 (L type)
    Cord Length: 1.2m / Y type