Purchased: [WANTED]: Audeze "Vegan" LCD Series Earpads + Headband pads
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If you have these, you know what they are and why I want them.

For the uninitiated, for the first few generations of Audeze's LCD headphones, they offered an optional leather-free alternate set of earpads with a matching headband sleeve. These were offered in a brown/tan color as well as black, and are truly premium, vegan-friendly synthetic Ultrasuede pads with natural latex foam stuffing -- hence the nickname "Audeze Vegans".

These pads are extremely durable and provide unique acoustic properties, and were very costly to manufacture, hence their discontinuation once Audeze's progress brickwalled and they started suffering financially.

While I definitely do not agree that this was the correct move, I'm not exactly qualified to say for sure, as I don't have the full picture with regards to their financial situation. However, if the recent acquisition by Sony is anything to go by, perhaps they had no choice.


I am interested in ANY COLOR and ANY CONDITION you are able to offer for these pads. Chewed up by a dog, pleather backing completely disintegrated, torn in half, doesn't matter. I am looking to buy any number of pairs of these, and will leave this listing up indefinitely.

I would like to actually acquire these, so I am presenting what I hope is an enticing offer. The price I am offering will vary based on what you have and what condition they are in, but I can give a rough guideline:

$125 for a single earpad, if you're somehow unlucky enough to have such a thing.
$200 for just the earpads, used, in good condition.
$300 if you have both the headband and the earpads, used.

Add another $150 to each price if you somehow have any of these in new, unopened condition, though I'm skeptical anyone does at this point.

I may be willing to buy an entire headphone as well, if you prefer not to separate the pads from the unit you own. Send me an offer.

I will cover shipping to the CONUS from anywhere in the world.


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i had two of these, it was my favorite lcd2 build. After years of searching for pads i gave up. Really wish they would release refresh kits for owners of these brown vegan setups.


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Leaving this on pause for now after some additional expenses popped up. Will be reopened when I am ready to resume this project.