Closed: [Price Dropped!] Jomo Audio Trinity Brass + 3.5mm OFC Cable [Free Shipping Worldwide]
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Hi all,

I'm selling off a very well-maintained Jomo Audio Trinity Brass. Condition is pretty much a 10/10, it's in impeccable condition. There are no cosmetic flaws such as blemishes, scratches, etc on the IEM housing. Please note that this is a demo set and the IEMs would only come with a thick 4-strand, 19-core OFC Silver-plated Copper 3.5mm cable, Jomo's IEM Case and a pair of Jomo's double-flange eartips.

Pictures doesn't do justice to the beauty of this IEM. It's way more intricate and vibrant than the pictures below show:

I'm looking to move this at 1100 Euros with free shipping worldwide! Over 50% off or 1400 Euros the ticket price of US$2,799 (2555 Euros) for what is a very mint IEM.

If you require any special instructions for customs or shipping, please feel free to let me know. Whenever possible, I'll dispatch this within 1 working day of your purchase.

  • Duo Electrostatics drivers with internal transformer
  • Quad Balanced Armature drivers
  • Single 8mm Dynamic Driver
  • Four ways crossover network
  • Proprietary 3D semi-custom ergonomic universal shell design
  • Powered by proprietary Cross-Sync Uniphase crossover network
  • High purity Silver Plate Copper internal litz wiring.
  • FR: 20Hz - 80kHz
  • Impedance: 30 ohms @ 1K Hz. RDC: 40 Ohms
  • Hand polished high gloss proprietary Solid Brass or Stainless Steel nozzle design
Listed by: royneo (12)
Listed: 2021-04-14
Last edited: 2022-01-30
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