Grado PS2000e 4-pin XLR
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This pair has cosmetic flaws, but still looks good overall and sounds absolutely gorgeous! Operationally perfect. The sound of these headphones is truly Grado at its very best. Rich, warm and punchy with tons of detail. Amazing impact and lifelike dynamics with expansive soundstage and incredible detail. Extremely smooth, with low listening fatigue! These do justice to all genres of music.

Please note in pics - the front faces of both dark chrome cups show surface abrasions, and the cup edges show some chipping / loss of the dark chrome color (the underlying bright chrome is revealed in spots). Unfortunately, this is not uncommon for dark chrome finishes as they age. Please also note the metal grills have areas where the black paint is wearing, revealing white metal underneath.

The plastic Grado rod blocks have been replaced & upgraded with gorgeous Shipibo machined aluminum blocks, which are FAR superior in looks, durability, and functionality! The weight of Grado PS2000 and PS1000 headphones simply overwhelms the plastic rod blocks, and they loosen up over time.

These have been re-terminated to an upgraded Furutech 4-pin XLR. It sounds better than stock, IMO. These were an early production demo pair, so the box is the old pizza-box with "2" hand-written over 1000 (lol).

Free shipping and paypal fees to continental USA. These have been priced below market to account for the cosmetic dings, and I feel this is a bargain for the sound & upgrades. I'm NOT interested in trades, and will not look under a microscope to further discuss cosmetic condition with you. A lowball offer within the first few days of this ad post makes for a very high chance I will simply ignore you. However, I communicate very well with reasonable people! I'm an old time head-fi'er - check my 100% feedback here and on audiogon (same moniker) :)
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Listed: 2022-09-02
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