Sold: DNA Stratus V4 Audio Note Transformer
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This is the best amp that I had owned, I am selling it only after 4 months after taking delivery of the amp. Ordered this amp on 11/2020 and received on 10/2021, but I am going for electrostatic direction in the future so don't want this amp be sitting here perhaps the future owner will have a much better use for it.

This amp is in pristine condition I wore gloves taking the amp out of the original box and during tubes installation. I think the only time I didn't wore glove touching the amp was touching the volume dial knob. I will included the dust cover free with this purchase, this dust cover was custom order for the DNA Stratus not only it is glove fit and the dust cover is thick enough to block sunlight causing paint fading I think it is heat resistant as well.

Note: The stock rectifier tube during start up will have a humming sound, but it will goes away after approximately 2 minutes this is normal (it is state inside the documentation that Donald provided), the new EML 5U4G and the KR 5U4G RK tube I acquired does not have any humming sound during start up. I got all the original box and documentations for this amp. I am estimating I have about 200 hours on this amp at most.

Price is not including paypal fee for the amp.

I preferred to sell it along with the tubes that I acquired for the amp if possible, so for inquiry that take the bundle I will give that a consideration over just the amp alone. Here are the tubes:
KR 5U4G RK rectifier tube paid ($500) new, got delivery January 21st of this year and there is a 6 month warranty on this tube so any problem with that time frame, buyer can contact me I will file the warranty on your behave. 25-30 hours approximately.
EML 5U4G rectifier tube paid ($175) used, according to the owner he got about 200-250 hours, I only used it about 5 hours before the KR arrived.
Psvane Acme 2A3 power tube ($400) used, previous owner had 5-10 hours and I put in about 50 hours.

The bundle price will be $5300 total, not paypal fee.
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Listed: 2022-02-27
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Rare to see a DNA amp on the classified. Would love to hear it one day. GLWS!


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My Stratus is on order due in October, would really love to get this if the order wasn't placed already. GLWS.


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Good seller here. For those in the DNA queue, if memory serves, Donald provides full refunds of your deposit if you're so inclined to pick up this Stratus rather than to wait. Great opportunity to skip the months/year and enjoy now.


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It is an Audio Note Output Transformer if I recalled.


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sexiest amp I could think of.. If I was in walking distance would probably be ringing your doorbell already.



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Update on the selling status, I will take offers from outside NYC and shipped to lower 48 states at this time. And I got a few interests for the tubes, so I will part with the tubes separately unless the buyer takes all will get priority.

Shipped now is included with the amp, but not the paypal fee.

As for the tubes: KR alone will be ($425 shipped), EML ($175 shipped), Psvane Acme ($400 shipped) including the paypal fees. If someone buy the KR + Acme I will shipped for $825 shipped), all three will be $975 shipped.
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Yes, it is sold as the listing indicated. Thanks for your interest.