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-- Disclaimer first, as i'm new here and trust can understandably be an issue --
I'll give you my real name and my real email through a PM here; my name matches the email account, ie it's a proper one. Once we get to emailing each other, i am also willing to give you my cell phone and landline number, as well as giving you a call so we can talk real time.
Beyond that, i'm also willing to accommodate any further (reasonable) demands that would aid in ensuring some measure of trust being established. Please don't hesitate to enquire.
You can also check my seller rating here:

Am selling this Brinkmann Vollverstärker, aka Brinkmann Integrated amplifier as seen in the pictures, aka what you see is what you get.

Imported by me, brand new, when i was still a distributor (retired now). Was set aside for future personal use as i was planning a third system for the summer house, which as plans usually go, never came to fruition exactly as planned; so this Integrated has remained in its box unused. It's properly functional, zero issues of any sort. I'd test all equipment i imported prior to selling them.
As the name implies, this is an integrated amplifier (ie both a pre-amp and an amp) with an additional headphone amplifier built in that puts many 'dedicated' headphone amps to shame; no half measures anywhere.
Design and implementation are impeccable, as in all other Brinkmann products.
Accoustically, we could sum this one up as involving, dynamic, spacious and neutral. An exceptional amplifier for its price range, well beloved, with the pedigree and reviews to match.

The years elapsed have also been taken into account. Prior to making this listing this Integrated has had all its electrolytic capacitors except the Sikorels replaced, by me, with brand new high grade Nichicons.
Sikorels left stock as not surprisingly given their quality, ESR meter showed them still at peak.
A note here that i'm a professional, not a 'hobbyist'; can attest to both overall functionality and quality of the recapping service thereof.

THD/IM distortion: 0,01%/0,05%
Output power: 2 x 100/70 W (4/8 Ohm)
Output resistance: 0,1 Ohm
Input impedance: 20 kOhm
Input sensitivity: 300 mV
Frequency response: 250 kHz (DC)
S/N ratio: 92 dBA

* Though it should be evident from the pictures (what you see is what you get), if i may please clarify in writing as well that the optional remote, granite base and DAC are not included *

Retail as you see it here, it went for around 6000€.
Am asking for 3000€ total. Paypal only.
If you're located within Attica of Greece price is further reduced to 2900€ total. Again, Paypal only.
Total as in:
- Paypal fees are included as per Head-Fi regs and on me, not you.
- Shipping is included and also on me, not you. Shipping consisting of national post service (ΕΛΤΑ) priority mail with tracking. The Integrated will be shipped in its original box; industrial grade, heavy duty double carton, metal fasteners, heavy padding. Zero transportation worries.
- If local to Attica, shipping handled by my own transporter at a date and time you will arrange for.

Ships from Greece (EU), two days after payment's received, at most. I plan for the next day, but you never know with family and responsibilities thereof, so erring on caution.
You'll know either way, as i'll email you to inform you the money's in and when it's due to ship, i'll email you again after it's shipped with your tracking number attached.

Interested in purchasing? Read this first please.
This item is properly functioning; technically speaking, it performs in 100% the way the manufacturer intended it to. Am a qualified technician and i have (re)checked this, with the relevant technical equipment, prior to making this listing.
As such, the "eBay phenomenon", aka refund requests purporting "malfunction", aka in actuality a smokescreen for the so very common "try and return" tactic, will not be grounds for a refund. You agree to this beforehand.
I am not renting, i am selling.
Refund requests claiming "misdirection", aka amounting to 'opinion', 'preference' and/or 'unrealistic expectations' from the buyer's side will be considered not valid, no matter how phrased. You agree to this beforehand.
Kindly consider before committing, no one's forcing your hand. Least of all me.

Please see post right below this one for more pics, have reached the limit on this one.
Any questions, by all means PM or post here.
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Listed: 2022-11-11
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Headphoneus Supremus
You make great listings. GLWS
Slight price reduction.
(Paypal fees and shipping cost deducted [it's heavy], am already at less than half the retail price; for a brand new item)

Updated OP to inform about local (within my city) transportation.
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John Massaria

Member of the Trade: JM Audio Editions/Headphone Modifications
Beautiful 🤩

John Massaria

Member of the Trade: JM Audio Editions/Headphone Modifications
convert to for USA 110-120V? is it possible
convert to for USA 110-120V? is it possible

Apologies John, but (as with the last time you posted), i somehow wasn't notifed of it, my 'watching' of the thread notwithstanding. Might be your 'trade' status involved? My apologies regardless.
In all honesty:
i) I sincerely do not recall if the leads required are present, aka if he used the same trafo for both markets and just wired accordingly. Been a very long time since i opened one. They don't tend to break down :)
ii) Even if it's possible, i'm afraid i'd still refuse to accommodate in this. Modifying it in such a manner would be putting it firmly within the gray market. I was his former distributor down here, absolutely no way i'd do that, even now (when i no longer am).

One can always use an adapter, provided its Wattage is sufficient. Would recommend this one:
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@chesebert i'm not sure if it falls within your "right" to pass judgement in such a manner, given the Classifieds rules.
More to the point, after 18 years here according to that tag? You frankly and with all due apologies? Appear to be unaware of what you know or do not know;

Kindly refrain from making inaccurate/overly general statements that do not apply. Am not here to do Youtube-level "comment" posting.
Am also not reporting your post, misleading and damaging as it may be, but let us end this here please.

1) After the input selection system (emphasis on after) it has a potensiometer; more to the point, a shunt potensiometer, not series. After said shunt potensiometer and only after, we get to the line unit.
Conclusions evident. Or should have been.

2) For those not technically literate, suffice it to say that this Integrated pairs just fine with any modern DAC or digital source/transport.
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