Closed: (Brand New In Box) Final Audio SONOROUS X TOTL Dynamic Driver Headphone
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The Final SONOROUS X is the flagship of Final Audio headphone ( which is place higher than the D8000Pro / D8000) offering using titanium diaphragm for hardness and lightness which leads to a effortless quick response, Final developed specialty jigs and assembly equipment especially for the Sonorous X.
This is a Limited production (with Metal owner reply card with unique Serial number) Semi-Open Back design headphone and higher model to the current D8000Pro/D8000.

Back in 2016 Its MSRP is priced at 629000yen(+tax) for new about 5733usd*. Now is SOLD OUT.

The goal is to reproduce the sense of realism imbued in the sound produced by these headphones, something that hasn't been experienced in headphones until now. The 50 mm diameter driver unit with titanium diaphragm is integrated with the front plate and has been machined from pure aluminium. The principal parts are composed of machined aluminium and stainless steel. It was necessary to create the housing from a rigid metal so as to achieve the sense of realism.
This is a resolute prestige model, the zenith of the SONOROUS series.

neutral with
musical monitor like tuning but with a bit more colour compare to the Final D8000Pro planar magnetic headphone.

Since its housing machined from a piece of aluminium magnesium alloy. same as many high-end speakers,

it contributes to the kind of clear sound that is emitted only from packed solid housings. Layering it over
a stainless steel housing whose resonance point differs means that resonance is suppressed without using soft damping materials that dull sound such as rubber.

Which makes the Final SONOROUS X being the second heaviest headphone that I have ever own in my whole life, where the first is a Final MURAMASA VIII prototype which I sold for 8000USD here in Headfi back in 2014.
MURAMASA VIII is the prototype of SONOROUS X but because its too heavy Final Audio founder Takai-san decided to stop producing MURAMASAVIII and go back to the drawing board and came out with the SONOROUS X around Fall 2015.

Sadly Takai-san pass away right after the completion of SONOROUS X which makes this his last creation of his
legendary career.

vivid sound with the perfect balance of coloured and neutrals and ultimate positioning is just simply the ONE OF THE BEST with in the battle of modern flagship headphone.

Its uses what they call BAM (Balancing Air Movement) mechanism that delivers bass tones and deep, three-dimensional spatial reproduction
A BAM (Balancing Air Movement) mechanism developed for balanced armature drivers has been employed with a dynamic driver. With BAM, the idea is to optimize the pressure balance between the front and back of the diaphragm. To thoroughly follow through with this idea, SONOROUS X is sealed so that no air leaks from inside the housing.

* What is a BAM mechanism?
At final, we decided to focus on developing technology for the reproduction of bass tones and three-dimensional space with the full-range reproduction of a theoretically unproblematic single driver unit, rather than taking things in a multiway direction. We went back to the beginning and reviewed the performance of the balanced armature driver, focusing our attention on something we had previously overlooked ? airflow inside the housing. We developed BAM (Balancing Air Movement), a mechanism that optimizes airflow inside the housing through the creation of an aperture in the driver unit, which is usually sealed. While achieving bass tones and deep, three-dimensional spatial representation, which proved difficult with single driver full-range reproduction, we achieved a BA type that at the same time made for natural listening the user doesn't tire of. (Final, 2020)

Final A8000 Specifications
  • Product code : FI-SO10BD3
  • Housing : Stainless steel / Aluminium
  • Driver: 50mmΦ Titanium dynamic driver
  • Sensitivity : 105dB
  • Impedance : 16Ω
  • Weight : 630g
  • Cord length :1.5m/3.0m
  • Terminate : 3.5mm Unbalance
⇓Official Website Below⇓

Current Brand New SONOROUS X are selling for 738141yen(6672usd) in Amazon Japan.

Selling because I want to buy new toys.

Normal market price for second hand is around 2900-3200USD
Now only for
3300USD + Shipping +PayPal Fee

Worldwide shipping with EMS (tracking provided)
(Slight offer are welcome but NO SILLY OFFER PLEASE)

**This is new unit

Bought 2017/Augest from Jaben Hong Kong for 34000hkd(4370usd), this sell also include original Wooden Box, outer sleeves, all assertories, user manual, Final warranty card & 2X stock cable.


No damage, No stretch, No Finger Prints
In my humble opinion, except for its superb sound performance, the true beauty of the Sonorous X is its fine polished mirror like finish, for me even a single finger print will rune the beauty of its supreme craftmanship. Its more like an fine art item for me. Which is one of the reason why I don't use it and keep it new in box and keep it inside my closet.

Photo below:
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New Head-Fier
The beauty of this device is blinding.

I hope it will still be on offer when I will be able to afford it. Until that moment, I wish you good luck with the sale.


500+ Head-Fier
The beauty of this device is blinding.

I hope it will still be on offer when I will be able to afford it. Until that moment, I wish you good luck with the sale.
Thank you so much for your comment and interest.
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500+ Head-Fier
updated information & photo


500+ Head-Fier


500+ Head-Fier


500+ Head-Fier
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500+ Head-Fier
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500+ Head-Fier