A&futura SE100+Dignis Case+WorldWideShipping. Astell&Kern [Price Drop]
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For trade interest: I would like to try i.e. Earman Angel

Probably, the best and highest SQ portable device I have ever listened and owned. Condition is very good. Dignis case which alone cost around 135$ is included. Se100 new cost is around 1700$.
Selling, because I have moved to portable dac\amps (micro-dongles) without battery.

"se100 sounds fantastic with earbuds - neutral, reference-like, but very engaging and fundamental. Beautiful rich sounding mids, full textured punchy bass and fully ranged treble with amazing extension, but without any type of sybylants, grain etc. Lots of air with actual weight in each note and amazing instrument separation, realism. What I also like about it is desktop quality 8-channel chip SABRE ES9038 Pro which makes sound so mature in comparison with 99% devices on the market. The part of amplification is taken from sp1000 and provides flagman type of sound. It works flawlessly and has no bugs what so ever. 128gb built in+ 1 sd card up to 2tb."

Shipping World Wide is included. I will consider different trade options - PM.
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Listed: 2023-01-20
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I would like to give a strongly positive review of RuFrost as a trading partner. Excellent +++++