Not satisfied with your Sennheiser 449 ?
Read this, Sennheiser 449 mod, boost your headphone - The best mod, granted!

Hello folks, its been a couple months since ive done this mod. Last year i bought the sennheiser 449 over the internet without giving it a try. I thought.. well its sennheiser its good.. and it is (now with my mod). However it wasnt that good when i bought it.
The lows and mids where fine (very good in fact). The main problem was the bass. It wasnt enough.. i could feel there was bass, but it felt trapped somehow. So i began researching for some mods.

Thats when i came across the modding 4*8 for newbies:

That tutorial was my kickstart.. it goes more or less like this: you open the headphone and you will notice there is some 'tape' covering 3 holes in the back of the speaker. You uncover those holes and you can feel more bass.
For me those 3 holes made a lot diference (for good). So.. why not make more holes? more holes = more bass.. untill you make too many holes and then its not good anymore.. so there must be that right amount of holes to make for good bass... from my experience i think 7 or 8 of those small holes are the peak for bass.

you will need:
the smallest allen-key/or/cd-ejector-key you can find... or some very thin metal. ** this will be used to make/drill the hole
small screwdrivers (to open the headphone):
fire (from your kitchen)
Heat up the allen-key/or/cd-ejector-key and gently press the plastic to create a hole, you may use the fire some 5 times per hole... dont hurry up, because if you press hard then too much plastic will fall inside the case and you will not be able to remove it. Just have patience.


Open your headphone

Go close to the fire source
Hold the allen-key/or/cd-ejector-key with the pliers and put it in the fire. Wait untill the allen-key/or/cd-ejector-key gets fire red.
Position your hand in a comfortable precise way so you can make the hole on the back of the speaker as seen in photo
 Press it gently.
  *** dont press too hard because that way you will make a huge hole and will have unexpected results.
  ** the secret here is, be patient and press only a little bit ... that way you will be able to finish 1 hole with 3 to 5 switching between fire and hole.
You can start with 4, 5 holes.. see how you like it. i think i passed the point and made too many holes. for me 8 is good.
Position yourself it in a confortable way that allow you to make the hole with accuracy

So what you guys think? Anyone up to make such mod and post reviews ?
Dont be afraid... just goahead!