PayPal erupted on the scene many years ago as a new way to get paid for purchasing goods on the internet. It was a revolutionary idea whose time had come. It was a service that many of us had wished that we had especially when we were selling goods on the internet. We would have to wait for personal check to clear and also for the money orders to arrive. It would slow our buying and selling process down by waiting and buyers backing out and the insecurity of when you bought something you paid for with a money order or a personal check always wondering if the product you purchased would be delivered and if you were the seller if the personal check would ever clear. I personally welcomed the arrival as I had buyers never send money orders and also personal checks bounce and get charged fees from banks for the returned checks.
In the early days of PayPal there was much confusion. They would take the payment and also take forever to send you the money. There were complaints that it was really a service dedicated to the seller. There was limited protection. Sellers were complaining as well as buyers. Their service was very inconsistent and not reliable. That now has all changed. Just as Amazon changed the retail business EBay changed the way things are bought and sold. EBay purchased both PayPal and Bill Me later. EBay is a publicly traded company that has a great reputation. It also backs up PayPal with the resources for the company to be successful.