I think this is a little off topic for some but here is a picture a a LOD I just finished making, this is made of Piccolino wire which is made of a silver/ gold Alloy and is said to be the best sounding portable wire you can get and I and many totally agree having actually used it and listened to it.

Here is my DIY Piccolino cable for my customs, I did actually buy it originally as a ready made cable but did not like the 3.5mm jack used and the connectors were also too big so I cut everything off till I was just left with the wire itself and made it again myself.

I have also just managed to get hold of just under 6meters of the Piccolino cable so will be doing a few more DIY projects and will post pictures when done.
If anyone is wondering the Piccolino wire costs between $250 to $300 per meter and it is near impossible to get hold of unless you buy it as a ready made cable.

Here are a few pictures to show how this cable is made, this shows just the wire before the outside clear jacket is taken off.

Here it is after the clear jacket is cut off.

Here it is with the silver/gold sheilding out of the way which exposes the centre conductor which is first covered on this White layer of something which is easily scratched away.

After you have scratched off that White coating you are greeted with this very hard (kapton I think) orange layer which is very hard to cut off without cutting the 6 centre wires, I do it painstakingly with a scalpel.

Once you have managed to cut through the orange layer you are then greeted with 6 very fine silver/gold wires surrounded with this really strong yellow fibre.

You then cut off the orange shielding and the yellow fibres until just left with the 6 centre wires and the shielding wires and you are ready to start soldering.

The above pictures are for the benefit of the people I have previously seen on other threads asking about this wire and the only picture ever posted here previously is similar to my last picture.