To help any new DIY'ers this Wiki is a compilation of the answers from many threads in an attempt to compile a comprehensive list of suggestions and links for anyone starting out in DIY.
Table of Contents
  • Getting Started
  • Minimum Set of Tools
  • Additional Tools
  • Parts and Supplies
Getting Started
A wonderful source of information can be found at one of our members website In particular reading and understanding the information provided at these links is strongly suggested:
  1. "Getting Started in Audio DIY"
  2. "How to Buy a Multimeter"
  3. "Tangent Tutorials" - (Getting Started Soldering and Test Equipment sections are very helpful)
Minimum Set of Tools
Soldering Iron
  1. 25W soldering irons are designed for general purpose but is not recommended for small circuit boards. It is desirable to use a soldering station with adjustable temperature.
Soldering Station
  1. Hakko 936 Station with 907 Iron.
  2. Weller WESD51 or WES51 Station
  1. The most popular recommendations are Fluke. There are many discussions about the various models on Head-Fi. If you're considering purchasing from e-bay, you should review this thread.
  1. Eutectic solder. Read the discussion at What kind of solder do you use?.
  2. Newark #34C5667 Kester RA 63/37 25mil 1lb
  3. All-Spec #kw28510 Kester RMA 63/37 25mil 1lb
  1. Newark #52F9047 Xcelite Flush
  2. Newark Part Number: 52F9064
  3. All-Spec #MS545J Xcelite Flush
Additional Tools
  1. Newark #52F9066 Erem 3SASL
  2. All-Spec #340-009 Erem 3SASL
  1. Newark #52F9054 Xcelite LN54-G 5" Smooth
  2. All-Spec #NN54G Xcelite NN54-G 5" Smooth
Desolder Wick
  1. Newark #95F6243 Soder-Wick .110in 10ft
  2. All-Spec #80-4-10 Soder-Wick .110in 10ft
  1. Kester 1544 Liquid Flux including needle bottle
Flux Removal
  1. Newark #71C6011
  2. All-Spec #M35305
  1. 99% Isopropyl Alcohol - purchase at hardware store
  1. Natural bristle brush
Wire Strippers
  1. Newark #97H2957 Paladin 1117 22-10AWG
  2. All-Spec #PA1105 Paladin 22-10AWG
  1. PanaVise products to secure any work your soldering.
Water Bottle
  1. Newark #72K7274 Plato BC-250
  2. All-Spec #BC-250 Plato BC-250
  1. All-Spec #26034 Inspection Eye Loupe 10x Magnification (Aven 10X loupe)
  2. Heat-gun to shrink heat shrink tubing
  3. All-Spec #332A Stainless steel "soldering" probe (Excelta 332A)
  4. All-Spec #SH125 4 piece stainless steel probe kit (Beau Tech SH-125)
  5. All-Spec #53608 12 piece mini needle files (Proedge 53608)
  1. Clamp-on illuminated magnifier (Magnifiers)