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Beyerdynamic Dt48

  1. kool bubba ice
    In the following days I will be describing their various sounds, model differences, & ohms throughout the ages that even some research papers were written about them. 
    Models include
    The DT48A SN108 from 1951
    The DT48S NAGRA from the mid 50's
    The DT48S NAGRA from 1968
    The DT48E from the 1970's
    The DT48A from the 1970's or 80's (suspected)
    The DT48E from the 1980's
    The DT48E from 1991
    The DT48A from 2005
    The DT48E from 2008

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  1. dalethorn
    I can confirm now that the current DT-48E with the sealed cushions has a very high fidelity sound similar to the better headphones in its price range, as long as the seal between your head and the cushions is very good (not wearing glasses or interrupting the seal with a lot of hair). This is very unlike the low-fi sound of the 1970's DT-48 series.
  2. dalethorn
    I had a DT-48, black, low impedance (25 ohm?), 1974. I had a DT-48s, 8 ohm with passive transformer, purchased with round cushions, replaced with standard oval cushions, 1974. The DT-48s came with a beautiful "skai" carry case. I had a DT-48, black, high impedance (200 ohm?), 1975.   I don't recall that any of these sounded different from each other. The cushions then were loose and I note today the DT-48E cushions are frozen(?) in place.