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Hd 598 1/8" jack to 3.5mm Help?

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Hi I saw a thread about cutting the cable and soldering the 3.5mm jack but i cant figure out what wire is right or left. I know red is right but what about the blue,black and white wires? I meant to say the 1/4" jack not 1/8" sorry.

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Can you upload some pictures?

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Could you not just use an adapter?
If im not totally wrong, an adapter like that is also included in the original package.
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What i usually do is have the wure connected to headphones normally. And just tap the exposed wire with the soldering gun. Ground will make a small noise in both ears. Left wire will make a noise in left ear with tap of soldering gun and of course right will be right.
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Check with a multimeter what the wires are connected to on the plug you cut off to make sure.

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I have a thread about the HD598 cable. http://www.head-fi.org/t/705465/sennheiser-hd598-custom-cable-tutorial-with-hd598-stock-connector-wiring-table


Here is the wiring table for the Stock HD598 connector for those who do not wish to follow this tutorial.


Black and Blue are both Ground, Bottom Conductors. Fuse them together

Red is Ring, Second to top conductor

White is Top Conductor,Tip

I would double check this with a continuity tester just in case Sennheiser changed the wire colors on you. I explain this process at the end of this post.


Hope this helps!

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Just to expand on that a little - Tip is Left, Right is Right.

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Thank you pulch, your thread was very helpful and thanks for being so informative. My wires are just like yours, ill do it when I get home thank you again.smily_headphones1.gif
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Your quite welcome, just be sure to test the cable before you button it all up with heat shrink, just to make sure.  Don't let the bare wires touch each other though when you do this. I wrapped my wires in electrical tape when I tested it.

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It works fine and yeah i made sure to test it and insulate it well. Thanks:L3000:

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