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If you build it cap coupled it would be cheaper still.  That said, I don't think it would do well with the T1's as cap coupled... to me the highs were bit troubled with the cap coupled build which wouldn't seem a good match with the hot treble on the T1.  Transformer coupled it might do pretty well!

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Ive solved the PSU problem. It's pretty dumb I connected +out to +in, -out to gnd and gnd to -in.

I wired outputs to 2 XLR/TRS combo jacks and tested with a single end earbuds.

I dont have a balanced output dac so I made my own RCA-XLR cable connecting 1 and 3 to gnd, 2 to pos (my monolith is built with transformer).

In the testing I got little bit music from the L channel on the + phrase, no sound otherwise.

And the right side of the earbuds gets hot pretty fast.

Any hint where should I start debugging?



updates: I swapped earphone out and put two 10ohms 25w load on each channel. Im getting 6v dc on each. And the op near L+ gets hot others are pretty cool.

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Got mine finished and running.

WIDE sound stage!!!

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Two box solution!  Nice.


What headphones are you trying with it?

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Balanced Thunderpants

some old SE planers as well

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I've been waiting on a balanced cable for my HD-800's to give them a try.  Otherwise I've only used the DT-990, which I sold.  Wondering if I need grab another ortho to try with it as well.

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I finally started laying things out on the chassis getting ready for the mill... but I managed to try the 800's.  Pretty impressive.  I have to agree, super wide open, very precise and clean.  Definitely not for anyone looking for "warm and syrupy". 


Pics as soon as the chassis is done.

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Got a knob for mine.

I'd like to call it done for now.

I've noticed my 2 channels were not well balanced at low volume. Same thing happening to u?

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Nice knob!  The whole deal is looking good.  Where's your Eddie Current badge?  


Yes, I'm noticing some channel imbalance at the very bottom, but I think it's below volumes I would want to listen at.  I also don't seem to ever get full attenuation, there is always a little something bleeding through, even with the pot all the way down.


I am looking forward to having it boxed up, it does better with the HD-800 than I expected!

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I'm considering building it too, was it a fun build?

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It was fun. It is pretty straight forward/easy putting the boards together.  


Not a lot of options to play with, but plenty of options on casing it up. In fact, it's a great beginners build except that you need to figure out how you want to box it up, but that's not too hard.


I definitely recommend going with the transformers, even though it pushes the build cost up a little, and while you can set it up for singled ended it's best suited for balanced.  IMHO anyway.

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Is it possible to have balanced and single ended output on the Monolith?

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Monolith has 6 outputs headers L+ gnd L- R+ gnd R-

you can use L+ R+ for one SE and L- R- for another.

And when you use SE output do ground them to the board ground.

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How much did the parts run you?
Without enclosure and pcb.

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Originally Posted by kozmos View Post

How much did the parts run you?
Without enclosure and pcb.

Depending on how you build it (transformer input or not)

And where you get you components

I ll say ~$200

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