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The Deals Thread II. (READ THE FIRST POST!)  

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Restarting this as the previous thread seems to be loading very slowly. 


The old thread is here: 





Due to abuse of this thread (eg: People trying to profit from affiliate links) it now has the following rules. Breaking the rules will result in your post(s) being deleted and you being locked out of the thread without warning.


  • If you see anyone posting affiliate links or anything not permitted, please report the post immediately and don't reply to it

    For example, in the following URLS, everything in red should be removed when posting it: 


    If you got a link from a newsletter or site it will almost certainly have an affiliate link in it so this is why we ask you to remove the end of all Amazon URLs. See below.

  • Group buy/mass buy site links or discussion about them are also not permitted. That includes hinting. Group buys on Head-Fi are not allowed due to issues in the past with predatory pricing, companies being harassed to sell cheap (which screws over their dealers) and vendors being overwhelmed to the point people lost money. 
  • If you find a price that is too good to be true, then it probably is. Hong Kong and Chinese eBay sellers often have fakes and there are many generic web sites popping up with impossible prices. If the web site with the link doesn't have full details of the company, including their actual location and a generic "About us" statement then it shouldn't be trusted and shouldn't be posted about.
  • Affiliate links, eg: Links to Amazon or other sites with your affiliate ID inserted are not permitted. It is a ban-able offence (as is spam advertising). 
  • "Free iPad" and similar sites are also forbidden. This can also get you banned.

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Second. Lol. I didnt notice any slow loading. Oh well, fresh start.
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I couldn't load the previous thread for the past 24 hours, so to kick start this one here goes with a V-MODA Crossfade LP at 50% discount.



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posting so i can be part of the first page on this thread

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I never noticed slow pages either...
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Use coupon code "ATJANDR" to get $10 off $100 at jr.com


If you can get to the store you can get $20 off $100 with this coupon



Example uses :

Fiio E17 for $120 in store

Fiio E17 for $130 online.

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The other thread was running perfect... 


subbed anyway

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Chiming in to say the other thread was NOT loading properly for me, so thanks Currawong.

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Subbed. Thanks for new thread
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Yes, the original was very slow. Let the deals continue.

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Yes, the old was loading real slow.


Here's a deal:

Ultrasone PRO 900 on Amazon, new sold by 3rd party $295  current Amazon price is $321, overpriced list was $600.


Amazon price history: here

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Yeah, the old thread wasn't working right for me, either.

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Originally Posted by Tus-Chan View Post

Yeah, the old thread wasn't working right for me, either.



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I wonder why. Its always loaded fast for me. From home or school, even on my cell.
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