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I have sm3v2...and waiting my sm64 to arrived. I really hope the sound is improved. I will do ab-ing comparison soon i received it and will post back in here. smily_headphones1.gif
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Keen on hearing direct comparisons between the SM64 and SM3 - is it enough of an improvement to warrant an upgrade? etysmile.gif

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Trying the demo of SM64 with J3...I have to crank up the volume to 30. And still cannot drive them well. Then I changed to AK100, volume is around 60 to sound good. Initial impression is not good. they supposed to sound like EM6 or EM4. But I ABed them with both, does not sound close. The bass is the same as EM4 but the earsonic sound is gone. Where is the euphoric mid forward sound? And also there is slight sibilance. Highs are better than SM3, more airy not so much spark, smoothen. Soundstage presentation is a bit off for me, the layering of instruments is not on par with the ciems EM4 EM6. I think I might stick to SM3 if I have to choose again.
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Really 30? Turning the volume up to 25 (J3) is more then enough for me. That's the volume I'm using when sitting in a bus or subway. At home, I can turn down the volume down to 19 and they still sound like they always do.
And I think Earsonics already stated that the SM64 is not an upgrade to the SM3. It's something completely different.

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To compare the SM3 with SM64 I think the following says a lot, there is a comprasion EM3 and EM4. Regarding kingice10 this seems to be close to the facts SM3/SM64.


I know something about the buildqualit is written in other threads but there are very deffirent opinions about the v2. Do you think they will work for some years without treating them like eggs?

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Yeah, I also confirmed with the store that they have a completely different sound. And order to drive them well, they need a good amp. It may have been that I expect the same sound as the CIEMs converted to Universal like what Fitear did with their TG MH334 which I shouldn't.

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I was in Montpelier yesterday and I was keen to pay Earsonics a visit to check their  SM64 but they didn' t  have even one unit to try. frown.gif;  It looks like they are selling well despite the complete lack of review and information. rolleyes.gif

KingIce' comparison with the EM4 suggests they are pretty lean in the bass.

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About build quality, its pretty much the same case with the V2 only the inner case is transparent. Ohh, I havn't checked the cable if they can detach. I think the new versions are better now unlike the V1 and early batch of V2 that have build issues. My V1's also was cut in half after 2 yrs of rugged I just went to make it a CIEM. The CIEM version had a slightly different sound compared to the new V2. Now for this SM64, I was expecting more. Also it hisses on the J3 and AK100 I tried earlier which is annoying.
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The hiss is surprising considering they appear to be have been designed for high power source. confused.gif

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The cable is detachable.
Hmm strange, I have no hiss at all with my J3, even on high volume. But I have to admit that there is in fact a bit of sibilance... I'm really hoping for a more detailed comparison between the SM3 and the SM64. Can't get rid of the feeling that the SM3 would fit my preference a bit better. Would be a damn shame, because the SM64 seem to have some little details the SM3 seem to miss. Picking the perfect earphones is an oddysee. :-\
oh and as I've already mentioned, using an amp did nothing at all to the sound. Is my pair of IEMs broken, or what? :-D
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What would interest me most, is if the SM3s amount of audible details, soundstage and instrument seperation is at least on par with the SM64. That would be the selling-point for me...

Oh sorry for the double post....

Just another quick question: Do the SM3 benefit a lot from beeing amped?

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I have been using the SM 64 for a week now, and apart from the few awful first hours (50 hours at least but specially the first 2 or 3 hours), I can they are my all time favorites.I am not a specialist, by far, just my opinion. In the recent past I have used Shure 535 E (not my taste at all, aggressive), IE8, SM3 V2, HD 650 and now using TH 900 / Fostex HP-a8 . My favorites IEM are SM3 V2. As per my favorite sound type taste,I am a tube lover and my favorite audio system is Cremona / Jadis amp.


The SM64 are straight and neutral, no specific sound signature but very pleasant and extremely transparent. The highs are just perfect, the Low are so powerful, fast (I mean it) and controlled, best I ever heard. The mids are full body and very much enjoyable without too much emphasis. Nothing here is agressive or anoying, just perfect, well balanced and addictive.


The level of details retrieved from the records are above anything else I have ever tried before, just astonishing without being analytic.


IMO the best qualities of these SM 64 are related to (1) the soundstage and overall presentation, unbelievably wide, huge, well presented, always stable even at very high volume and (2) the "air" between instruments, even at very high volume. No sound aggression, no sound compression, no change of sound presentation at high volume, the music flows naturally.I even surprised myself almost falling asleep while I was listening to Muse / Madness (Hi res) at an unpolitically correct high volume.That's speak.The same exercise with the Shure 535 E would be a torture.


I can find some similar enjoyment when listening to my TH 900, even though the music presentation is different. they share some basic musical presentation philosophy. I would say you will get 90% of the TH-900 listening pleasure with the SM 64. That's a compliment.


As far as comparing with my previous favorites, the SM3 V2, I would say the SM64 are an improvement in about all departments but they are well ahead in control, pace and overall presentation of complex music message.


I use the double flange grey pads.


When Listening with IPOD, you will get only 50 % of their best. Direct listening from Mac Book audio output is acceptable, 80% I would say and 100 % with an amp.


Have a good day everyone.

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Welcome to Head-Fi and beeing sorry for your wallet comes a little bit too late smily_headphones1.gif

Finally someone put my thoughts about the SM64 in the right words! Except for the little bit of sibilance I'm experiencing. But as I mentioned before, this could just be my mind, not beeing used to such clear and potential highs.
For me, the transparency and the soundstage is the best part too smily_headphones1.gif
Just unbelievalble.
So you are also saying that the SM64 would greatly benefit from beeing amped...did I use the "wrong" amp when I amped them with the iBasso D-Zero? frown.gif Didn't changed the sound at all.

And yes, my first 50 hours with the SM64 were pretty nervewrecking too...
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Hello Tom Yum, thanks for the welcome.


I plugged my SM 64 in a Fostex HP A8. From a Mac Book audio output it is also excellent but not at all from an iPod.

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Is your IPod older than your MacBook? The last two generations of Apple products have good sound while the olderones ... .

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