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DUNU 2012 Flagship tunable DN-19 Tai Chi earphones "Free" review chance !!! join before 11/18/2012

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Tai Chi free review event


                                    Review links updated 12/25

Reviewers' Links







Musical Musings




















english version of the review here on head-fi



spanish versions
































Hi guys,


Chance to review DUNU earphones once again. In the pass two months, we got so many inquires about Tai Chi.

This time DUNU prepare 10 free Review chance for you again. We know many fans are long for more review to know

DUNU's Flagship model DN-19 Tai Chi more, so don’t miss it.





Join Period          :   2012.11/7~ 11/18

List announce      :   11/20








DN-19 white background.jpg






How to participate:


Please reply with the form below.


Joiners have to post review at three places, one in Head Fi.  It can include Forums like iFans.

blogs, other tech review site or youtube unbox/review. Lucky reviewers have to post your three

review links in this thread before 2012. December 18th Here, we will also leave 2 place for newbies.


Please notice once you get the review unit if you are not able to complete reviews before the deadline, please leave us message first.



1. Head Fi Account:

  Other fourm link and account:  

  Site or blog:



2. Equipment:

3. Review reference:




   1.Head Fi Account: DUNU

     Other fourm link and account:  ifans  DUNU

      Site or blog: www.dunu-topsound.com

   2. Equipment: DN- 19, I 3C-S, DUNU DC4

   3. Review reference: N/A


What’s special about DN-19 Tai Chi




    Longing for enjoy two kind of pleasure with only one earphones With tunable featured DN-19 Tai Chi, you won’t need to buy two earphones to maximize your pleasure. The main design idea is to change sound features with installing damper into special designed two stage tubes or not. Applying with carefully chosen ear tips further enhance the effects.


    Patented two stage bass tube provides potent and astonishing bass reproduction.

Hence you will feel the powerful bass while watch action movie full of explosion scenes gun firing or rock and metal with superb sound quality and wide soundstage.


    More than you expected, by installing the damper to the special designed two stage tubes; you can experience the amazing elevation of the recognition and clarity with better extension. This adequately reduces the bass amount while keep excellent punch and being still amusing while listen to all genres. 


Looking forward to your participation, thanks.




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I'd love to review some top tier portables.  Please consider me.


1. Head Fi Account:  keithpgdrb

  Other fourm link and account:  audiokarma.org - keithpgdrb

  Site or blog:

   Youtube:I'll do a video review as well


2. Equipment:  RSA Hornet-Ipod lossless files-whiplash audio LOD

3. Review reference:  I have a review on this page http://www.head-fi.org/products/hifiman-he-300 

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i would very much appreciate a chance to review the tai chi. thanks for the opportunity! 


1.Head Fi Account: Kchapdaily

Other fourm link and account: im not part of any other audio forums, but will join a few to post the review. i can also do a review on youtube

Site or blog: N/A

2. Equipment:


     Hifiman HE-4, Sennheiser HD555, Dunu Ares, Westone 2(coming very soon)



     Pete Millet Starving Student Hybrid




     GrubDac from my macbook and custom desktop, playing apple lossless encoded files


3. Review reference: i have never written an audio equipment review, but would love to start!

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1. Head Fi Account:


Other forum link and account:  
http://tweakers.net/gallery/229048 (Dutch audio forum) 
http://www.mp4nation.net/forum/members/negakinu/ (MP4nation Senior member)


Site or blog:
www.headfonia.com (on-staff author, reviewer name: Erik)


I don't post my video reviews on Youtube. I could if needed. I use a Panasonic GH2 for video.



2. Equipment:
See signature. Hifiman RE0, Teufel Fidelity, Fischer Audio stuff, Brainwavz stuff, DUNU Hephaes etc.
Headphones: DT880, K701, HD580, SR225i, HD25 etc. 


3. Review reference:
for example 
http://www.headfonia.com/fiios-first-compact-guitar-amp-the-g01/ & 

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 1.Head Fi Account:  Zelda 


     Other fourm link and account:  reproductormp3.net ; chw.net (latin america - spanish forums)                   



   2. Equipment: Rock it R-50, FA Eterna, Brainwavz M5, Philips SHE3680, Yuin PK1 , Sansa Clip+ , and probably more


   3. Review reference:  R-50 M5DUNU DN-17 , and more

and more reviews in spanish


and thanks for the chance!

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Would be interested.


1. Head Fi Account: HideousPride

  Other forum link and account: Will do both other reviews on blog sites  

  Site or blog: One is my personal blog on Wordpress, I will provide a link to a review of the Heir Audio 4.Ai in the review reference below. I have reviewed headphones/IEMs in the past on this account, but this blog is for anything that strikes my interest. The other is my Weibo account, a Chinese site for social interaction

   Youtube:N/A for the purpose of this review


2. Equipment: Have a range of headphones and IEMs, just picked up an HD800 and have Frogbeats C4 custom IEMs on order. A partial list can be found on my Head-Fi profile. As for equipment I would likely use with the review,

Desktop setup would still be Computer -> ODAC -> O2 -> DN-19

Portable usage would be Cowon J3 -> -> (possibly the JDS C421 for bass boost if enjoyable) -> DN-19


Review would center around 3 uses - enjoyability of home use, practicality and how the sound quality is with noisy surroundings on the go, and fitness for use during runs/exercise


3. Review reference: http://hideouspride.wordpress.com/2012/10/08/an-heir-audio-4-ai-review-music-to-my-ears-in-my-ears/


Looking forward to the opportunity of hearing some new IEMs. ^-^

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1) Head-Fi: TrollDragon

    Other Forum: icrontic.com Troll

    YouTube video review


2) Equipment: Various low cost headphones.

    I will be testing DN-19 with HTC Desire HD, Sansa Clip+, various iPods and a FiiO E11 amp.


3) Review reference: None as of yet but this is a great place to start!



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1) Head-Fi: jrkong

    Other forum/blog Headphones for Dummies


    anythingbutipod.com : jrkong


2) Equipment: 13 inch early 2012 macbook pro using lossless files

Can be compared with Dunu DN-16, DN-12, DN-18, IC3 S, Sennheiser IE8, HD419, HD428, HD439, HD449,    CX300, Aurisonics ASG-1S, Audéo PFE 123


3) Review reference: Refer to http://www.headphonesfordummies.com

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I will review mine in due time! As your looking for some reviews!

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1. Head Fi Account: Bowei006

  Other fourm link and account:  Bowness437 @Overclock.net

  Site or blog: boweitech.co.cc (please wait 15 seconds to load)



2. Equipment:

AUDIO-GD NFB 12.1 w/ Dual Wolfson WM 8741 DAC
FiiO E5 with an LOD
MIU AUDIO MRB amplifier
VIA® VT1708S built in amp
FiiO E02i Rocky

(secret unit)

Custom Objective 2 Desktop amp with BB amp and CS4398 DAC


AKG Q701 (Quincy Jones White)
Shure SRH440
Ultrasone HFI-580(DJ1)
SkullCandy Smokin Buds

Sennheiser HD215
Monoprice 8320 Bass Hi-fi IEM's
AKG K422
Dunu DN-17 Crater
Sony MH1C



Oblanc Headphone Gaming -Will receive at end of this month


Heir Audio 4ai

Heir Audio 3ai 

Magnus Cable for Heir Audio

I am on the Heir Audio tour. I do not know when I will be getting them. 


3. Review reference:











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Originally Posted by brightonfish View Post

This is a great offer Rocky! We will throw our hat in and offer a £30 or $50 USD  voucher (including postage) for the best review for the Tai Chi. The winner will also have their review posted on our product page. http://www.topdogheadphones.com/

Challenge Accepted

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1. Account name: Ishcabible

I have other accounts at Headphiles, The Tech Game (mostly to help newbies) and Audiokarma.

Site: http://headfonics.com/

I can probably make a Youtube account for this too.


2. Equipment in profile, would mainly compare to the ACS T15 and Monster Turbine Pro IEMs and maybe whatever memory I have of the Sennheiser CX985. 


3. References: http://headfonics.com/2011/11/hifiman-he500-proof-that-the-planars-are-here-to-stay/http://headfonics.com/2012/07/sony-sa5000-sony-analytical-ye/; and a cable review: http://www.headphiles.org/index.php/topic,5031.msg241063.html#msg241063 I have a lot more, but I've gotten a bit better at writing since then. I have a few to finish by the end date; I'll finish those reviews by then.

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I'd like to throw my hat into the ring for this review opportunity. I've reviewed DUNU-Topsound earphones in the past and I've had the opportunity to review earphones by several manufacturers.


1. Head Fi Account:  TheGame21x


Other fourm link and account: http://www.gamespot.com/users/The_Game21x


Site or blog: The Mind of Game | Musical Musings




2. Equipment:  Fiio E7+ E9, lossless audio,


3. Review reference:


DUNU Trident Review

DUNU Ares and Crius Review

HiFiMan RE-262 Review

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Originally Posted by brightonfish View Post

This is a great offer Rocky! We will throw our hat in and offer a £30 or $50 USD  voucher (including postage) for the best review for the Tai Chi. The winner will also have their review posted on our product page. http://www.topdogheadphones.com/


WOW that's very generous man. Appreciate it much.


By this chance, I would like to introduce Top Dog Headphones. It's one of DUNU official retailer in UK.


It provides high quality headphone and accessories. The website is neat and well catagorized.


Along with excellent service, fast shipping and "Free shipping in UK", I recommend you to visit it sometime.

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1. Head Fi Account: hellfire8888

  Other fourm link and account:  NA

  Site or blog: http://lucifer-doom.blogspot.com/

   Youtube:going to make one soon..


2. Equipment: Fiio E11, Colorfly C3, Iphone 4 LOD, Hippo Biscuit, Superlux HD631, Superlux HD381f. HD381. Hippo Pearl, HifiMan Re-Zero, Senheiser HD238, AKG K430

3. Review reference:http://lucifer-doom.blogspot.com/2012/10/hippo-biscuit-and-hippo-pearl-review.html

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