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Originally Posted by ianmedium View Post

Just had another message from Fredric, he has no Lorenz but is going to ask his contacts.. Watch this space!

i assume the lorenz tube owners are excluded from watching ! smile.gif

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Well, I am excluding myself as I know you will so that is the worlds only owners excluded biggrin.gif

I tell you, this Fredric is such a lovely chap to deal with, really helpful!
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Originally Posted by GermanGuy View Post

wow! the art of black and white photography at its best!

Thanks GG! Just for the record, that shot was taken with a color camera, unedited. The black and white effect is all natural, though not unintended. smily_headphones1.gif

Edit: And I'm really enjoying your updates on your cover progress. Keep it up, looks really cool so far!
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after a long time not using them i remembered why i bought the tu-05 and plugged my fad pf viii in.


what i hear is unbelievable homogenous, the cave like sound experience, and now i much better understand the postings in the fad appreciation thread. all the harsh resonances i had the feeling to hear before are away, a beautiful and relaxing sound, black silent background (between two tracks i had a look at both amp and player if one of them would be out of battery) and so sweet and nice, real magic. goog luck that i avoided to post anything in the fad thread before having this amp.


right now i am listening to windham hill records - cinema. the windham hill recordings seem to be perfectly made for the piano fortes.


if one of you have some of the windham hill cd's, you should give them the chance to be listened to with this amp and the piano fortes!


highly recommended!



i looked for the translation of a german word, the shown result was 'goose bumps', i think no need to explain why i was looking for that ...

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I was listening this morning to the Teresa Stitch-Randall download via the PF's simply stunning, so creamy and rich and yet so detailed and at the same time relaxing and as you say GG, inky black, I think it quite a feat for a tube amp to be so quiet. I often wonder if that is not in part down to battery power. I love battery powered devices as they negate mains dirt in the signal. The Nagra I so often compare this amp to is battery driven also and is so silent and grain free just like this amp!

I agree also about the Windham Hill recordings, just beautifully done!
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Originally Posted by ButtUglyJeff View Post

Its a Franken-Grado.....smile.gif

and i tought it would be a German(Guy)-Grado,

but as Franken is a region in germany smile.gif,

or do you really mean the F******stone sorry F******stein eek.gif

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i also love battery powered devices and especially that a lot of problems with hum of a standard power supply or RF and high frequency interferences and noise of a switching power supply can't appear. i developed combined analog and digital parallel computing high speed online measurement systems for more than five years and a notable part of the effort had to be spent for the proper design of the power supplies and solving all the problems with them.


but i think the most important part of the story is that shikada san is a genius in developing tube amps, it's the combination of concepts, battery powered, the strong internal 2.2 ampere battery, the small batteries for the precise tube bias reference voltage, the selection of just this tube types (for example i could think that the low voltage and small heat results in less random electron movement and transmission, i.e. less noise than hotter driven tubes and amps).


i am sure he had a specific vision in mind how to build the perfect tube amp and when listening to the result he is able to deliver with such a small amp i don't even could imagine but would be very interested to listen to the result when his first big amp is announced for sale!

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I guess I should get myself a voltage meter as it is coming up for me to check those little bias batteries, It says every six months in the manual.
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Originally Posted by Boringer View Post

I really lost counts when did the tubes hunting.

Even up to now, I believe I might missed something on the list.

But frankly speaking, I was a bit surprised to realize that I've ordered that much.


Ian, thanks again for such brief and precise description.

It's really exciting to understand these tubes characteristics and their historical tributes.

if you need someone for counting, i herewith offer your my willingness to do that, just send me your tubes ..... smile.gif

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charging and getting charged:


at the moment i have to charge my tablet twise a day to read all the and write some posts. i have to charge my colorfly c4 twise a day, during night and after work to listen to music and also my amp is constantly asking for breakfast and dinner.


the only things that get charged automatically are my bank account and my credit card.

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So funny! Since I have been listening to a lot of Hi-Rez files on my HM801 I have to charge the thing a lot more than listening to wav files. Still, the 801 can be left plugged in all night, as can my iPad but one has to be careful with the amp, he does not recommend leaving it plugged in after full charge unless listening to music!

Still, all the fun I get out of this lot is worth the money, I drink very little (probably a couple of beers a month) don't smoke and my only other interests are watches and fountain pens and I am pretty much done with both of those, only a gold Rolex to go to have the dream team and this I consider the end of the road for portable though I may go for the 901, not sure yet.

The next big expense will be moving back to Europe and getting a home system!
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Originally Posted by ianmedium View Post

Can't wait to see the finished item an was just thinking how great it would look to have just a wooden finish to match your colourfly!


thanks a lot for this idea - i will follow this idea as you gave me the design direction i now can think about and had no good idea up to now.

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I have not stopped thinking of it as a solution, considering old radio's ofter were wood and these tubes are for old radios plus that lovely looking colourfly it just seems a match made in heaven!
This is how I was thinking when I thought about it.

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so i should completely extract all parts of the tu-05 and make a wooden plate and housing desktop rebuild!!!!!!

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Ah no, not that literal! Think of it as an homage rather than actual! biggrin.gif
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