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I would love to be part of  this history.  I am hoping that I will be included as one of the representative

from Thailand.  We have a big group of head-fiers here.  I have the HD600 more than 10 years ago and now

I own the Sennheiser HD800 and the legendary HE90's .  I also own several Stax headphones including the

new SR009 and some dynamic headphones and orthodynamic headphones and would be willing to compare

those with the new History.

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Thanks ranjanis


My reason is pretty simple - I love music!  I don't love gear (not an audiophile), but I appreciate the genius that goes into creating the medium to allow music to soar.  I currently own your HD600's - and I am constantly amazed every time I listen to a well mastered album with these.  If you have a new product that captures me like the HD600s do - then I'd love to try them.

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If Sennheiser is going to rewrite the history, I like to be one of the first few to witness that.


Wachara C.


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Is this for higher-end Sennheiser phones?


My next pair of phones will be HD800,  I have a tube amp on the way for them.


I don't know if I will want to listen to <much else> when I have this system put together!!


Pairing with gear seems to make a great difference with the high-end Sennheiser phones...



My approach to trying a new Sennheiser phone would be to try it with a LOT of different gear (calling on local head-fiers!) to get to know it and see how great it can sound.



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In the years I've spent now searching for headphones, I've learned a great deal about how we perceive music through them, especially regarding the frequency response, the music we listen to and how loud we listen, whether they be cheap or expensive, and I'm still learning! Recently I've been talking with manufacturers more, including giving feedback on headphones and their design and would very much welcome the opportunity to do so with Sennheiser as well, as I've owned various models, starting with my father's HD424s when I was a child.

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I 've "matured" as headphone listener over the years.  I enjoy all good sounding phones.  From earbuds to high-end.  As long as it sounds good, that's what matters.

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In, thanks for the chance.  I'm a Sennheiser fan, currently in possession of the MM60iP, the HD 595, HD 600 and HD 800.  I have the 600s on my head right now and it's only 8:30 in the morning.  I have no real reason to deserve a chance more than anyone else, and probably less of a reason than some others that have asked for the chance, but hey, here's to trying.


Thanks. cool.gif

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Once upon a time I wanted to get something better for my portable listening, away from the usual stuff you get at electronics store (the commoner ones). I've always bought random brands back then and they would always die randomly and the sound quality was always a bit lacking. So I visited a family friend who opens a professional audio store and I was introduced to the PX100. 10 years later after buying different IEMs, I am now back to Sennheiser with the IE8 and more recently the HD600. Every upgrade I have applied to my set up has shown significant difference showing what Sennheiser engineering can really do! What's next? HD800 :) oh and maybe this mystery new product!

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Haha, I think that living in Singapore, I won't be able to qualify for the demo but I am absolutely hoping this is a HD-700/750 kind of headphone. A HD-1000 would be cool too though :)

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I gotta say, my HD600 was one of the most interesting cans I've ever heard. I use it as my reference can along with my Little dot MK III. Those two together hits the sweet spot and I'd be delighted to be one of the few to be able to try Sennheiser's new product. I've listened to several headphones and IEMs. From the HD555 to IEMs like the Westone 4, I personally know what kind of sound I like. The very cliche, Less bass, lush mids, and powerful highs. I've yet to try the new Gen sennheisers like the 598 and 558 so I would be pretty excited even I win these. I haven't really made a really serious review of anything yet, and have only done snippets and paragraphs, but if I would start to do reviews, I'd like this to be my first, as not only would the experience benefit me, but it would also benefit the people who are curious of the item's sound.

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I'd be interested in checking out whatever Sennheiser has been cooking up. I've got a lot of experience reviewing headphones and other equipment (see profile for list of reviews). I'm articulate, able give honest feedback, and people seem to generally agree with my opinions. 


If I'm not chosen, I hope that someone like Currawong, LFF, or Purrin get the spot. Someone who has extensive history with all types of equipment, capable of expressing what they hear. 


Thank you for the opportunity - programs like this are excellent for the community. 

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I would love to be part of the Sennheiser's group of participants. I have a great deal of listening experience with headphones and  headphone amplifiers. I have been to several head-fi meets and been a member of head-fi since 2001.

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I want to be a part of Sennheiser history. History is not just what has happened in the past, but history is the culmination of hard work and groundbreaking innovations being recognized for years to come. My first audiophiliac headphones being the HD 25 Adidas Originals, they're still going strong. When I say that, I mean they've lasted this long and I've still been using them. This says a lot about Sennheiser's attention to detail in build and sound quality. So if Sennheiser is going to change history and invite me to be a part of it: I'm all in.

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When it comes to understanding Classical music, you have got the man.  I've played the piano, violin and advidly listen to the classics.  I temper this with some jazz and I have a good collection of both genre.  I enjoy headphones and have owned Sennheiser as well as a number of other headphones.  Personally, I have enjoyed the Sennheiser signature and would love to be a part of the experience in December.  Being unemployed gives me the time to devote to analysing and providing input that I think would be valuable to your team.  Looking forward to hearing back from you.   ron.wilson.pmp@gmail.com

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My headphone journey started with the hd555. within one week later i upgraded to the hd650.  thats how hooked i was to the sound i was getting.  since then, i have tried other headphones including many of the flagships but im back at the HD650.  its a keeper and i would love to see what else you guys got cookin.  

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