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HFI 15G comes up with pictures from "portal.fakeheadphones.com"


watch out for fakes.

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yikes! ta for that, mate.

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Why not consider earbuds?


Liiiikee.... Yuin OK3.

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cos i hate earbuds?

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ok just double checking.


Ever tried an IEM? That goes into your ear.... not as bad as it sounds they are probably the most popular thing on head-fi!

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those are the things i got with my nokia. i hate them too! always feel wet :/

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Not sure what you mean by always feel wet, but okayyyyy.

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JVC HArx700's? they're comfy. tongue.gif

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There are *some* comfy in ears... I know these are pretty far out of budget but the triple-fi 10s with the comply tips are pretty comfortable, and you can find them pretty cheap online?

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Or she could just put comply tips on a really cheap IEM.


I'm sure this is just my experience, but I have no IEM's to recommend to anyone under $79 (the RE0).


Whereas I could recommend her the XB300 for 20 quid, knowing she'd get an OK piece of equipment.

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Meelectronics has some pretty good IEMs, I use the M6 for workout/sleep and they're super comfortable (and cheap).

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^ I really like my M6's totally worth the money, but that over ear memory wire with glasses is a no no, I tell you this from first hand experience!

Originally Posted by kiteki View Post

Won't too many suggestions be overwhelming?


My top pick for youuuu is XB700


remember in the 90's they had that slogan "It's a Sony" well they took that away for a decade but it's back now they're latest stuff is really good.

WHAT!?! The CD series w/ the biocellulose  drivers were awesome (CD2000-3000 R10's) Among the best sony ever made! The SA series for me was the letdown.

My recommendation: The Sony MDR-F1's I wear them for 12hour stretches sometimes (and I wear nice thick plastic framed glasses), and they are AWESOME! Super comfortable! here is a pic;



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What take it easy she has a really careful budget. I know that Sony's bio-cellulose is top-of-the-line, even in their E888 earphone... I'm crazy about bio-cellulose after hearing that one.


The MDR-F1's, yeah I heard they're super comfy, if she can afford a second hand pair, if not the XB series is pretty cheap and giant pillows on your head.

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$100 used, They are still being made if memory serves, and can still be repaired if they break.

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wow, lots to google this morning. Thanks, guys!

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