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what to get.... hmmmm SRH750, SRH550, ath-m50 ,crossfades, beats, bose

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Hey everyone sorry if my post is a lil typical but yea..


well i've been wanting to get a good set of headphones for 150 and less $. at first,  i was going to get the V-moda Crossfades. then it switched to ath-m50 but i ended up wanting srh750 after reading threads here.. then today i read about SRH550"new shure product"

and it just made me wonder if anyone had heard it yet..


it would be nice if you guys can compare those products above ^^


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I don't think SRH550 has been reviewed by any1 yet as it hasn't quite found its way to stores yet unless I'm mistaken but I suppose it should any day now. I'm also slightly interested in hearing more on SRH550DJ. Good thing you didn't end up with Crossfades though, I suppose it's a good alternative if you only care about bass quantity and design and stay away from the Beats too.

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thanks for the reply! yea i saw the 550s and the 940s on ebay not sure if theyre legit tho. but yea im looking for a good deal here for the 750 too but if i cant find any ill end up waiting for 550 good reviews ^^

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Those shure 940's look nice, but the 550's look like a bad choice IMO. They look like your ears will hit the drivers and cause discomfort, the headband doesn't look any better than the 440's (which was uncomfortable after about 45 minutes), and the cable doesn't look to promising. 750 didn't have the greatest comfort from reviews I've read also.


I owned both the 440's and currently M50's and I prefer my M50 no doubt. The sound is way better, and comfort of the 440 can't even come close (I had the 840 pads on my 440 too). Give the M50 a shot or check out the Denon D2000 is my advice.

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Yeah I wanted m50 by I've read That hey changed something with the new ones. I'll check out that. D2000 tho thanks!
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I've read some stuff about that too. Most likely it was just the box. I just got my M50's for Christmas and I'm loving them. Definitely give them a try. 

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Yea I'll try to look for good deals on that ^^ d2000 is like a whole new level that has a potential to be in an another higher level when u mod them I wish I am rich
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Please consider the Klipsch Image Ones!!!! Love these, I have the ATH-M50s and the Image Ones blow them away. 

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i to am interested in the new shure dj headphones. i own the srh750dj and i really like them but i wonder how the srh550dj would stack up. they are for $100 so they may be not as good as mine. but i will still check them out when they come out.

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Originally Posted by desolateplanet View Post

Please consider the Klipsch Image Ones!!!! Love these, I have the ATH-M50s and the Image Ones blow them away. 


Hey those looked dope and I like the built in mic it comes with. Gotta read abt them more

I wonder if I could get a cable With mic for the srh750s...
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@bcasey25raptor lol that's Wat I was thinking too but he only thing that the 550s good side is the price and it looks really nice with it's black color. I don't think it has a detachable cables tho. 750 still looks sick tho I'm still on 750s side too.
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ah they should put srh750 vs d2000 comparison

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hey i found cheap 750s on ebay but  im not sure if theyre real =\ what p you guys think





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They are "used", hence the price 


This headphones were on a display , for that reason have a few small scratches on the side , that is why I am listing it as used.
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Hey, I have some new info you might like to know. I saw a friend the other night and he had some 750's around his neck, I was like hey can I try those out. So I gave them a listen. IMO, they sound a bit better than the M50's. But I'm not going to buy them. Why? They are not comfortable at all on me. The headband was stiff, as well as the ear pads. And my ears (not big at all, average size) were hitting up against the driver. The ear cups in these are just terribly small and it made for an uncomfortable experience.


Sound quality wise though, the 750's had a better soundstage, bass was about the same, maybe better on the M50's. But the 750's had a little fuller mids which is where I really noticed the difference.


All in all, the 750's are great sounding, but I couldn't see myself wearing them for more than 10 minutes, no exaggeration. I don't find the lower end Shure cans comfy. The 750's are worse than the 440's in comfort by far imo. They have much better sound quality than the 440's though. I'll stick with my M50's for now.

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