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volume in AIMP I have set to 86% of volume. I not use Windows Directx Mixer.
I use Wasabi exclusive or push.

Most máváme set volume to 3oclock, listening to most at 1-2oclock.
I do not know whether the 12oclock Position enough for seasoning headphones.
headphones produces something between 60-70 dB.
Burn-in bass on 3oclock especially in the low tone (1-40hz) makes a cracking sound.
Frequency sweep enlightens I just higher sounds (500Hz or more) very resonate.

Whether it will be enough for seasoning headphones 12oclock position? Or that I will measure it in decibel.

DAC: Schiit Bifrost Multibit
AMP: Schiit Valhalla 2 (stock tubes)
Cables: Viablue NF S6 Air 0,6m
Optical: WireWorld Supernova 6
Dock: Pure i20-Ipod

Don't worry about how you burn-in/season the headphone, just listen at your normal listening level and the burn-in/seasoning will happen along the way.


Don't turn the volume up too high to where you hear cracking sounds, you might be damaging the drivers.  Also, don't worry about where the volume knob is turned to since it does not equate to any level other than your system.  I usually listen at 65-75db, anything higher is a bit too loud for me so this is what I would use as the level it I were to do any burn-in/seasoning.  FWIW, I don't burn-in or season any headphone on purpose, not worth my time and haven't really notice much changes with most headphones but there are some exceptions that I've found: EL8 and Ypsilon driver are the 2 most notable one so far.