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A Review On: TTPOD T1-E High Definition Dual Dynamic Professional In-ear Earphone

TTPOD T1-E High Definition Dual Dynamic Professional In-ear Earphone

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Pros: quality build, sexy look, excellent sound with enhanced bass, lots of accessories

Cons: not as detailed

This is a review of TTPOD T1E dual dynamic driver in-ear headphones.


Here you go, another in-ear headphone gem for under $50!  Though I was a bit skeptical approaching it, T1E turned out to be another giant killer where this dual dynamic headphone set delivered a sound quality on par with others that cost at least twice or more.  When you factor in a unique design, amount of accessories, and quality of packaging, it makes you scratch your head with a question: "weren't they suppose to cut some corners in order to keep the price down?"  Well, apparently TTPOD guys figured out how to make their product look like a million bucks while still being priced under $50.  Here is what I found.


Starting with a package, it arrived in high quality all black box with golden print on top of it.  On the back, it has a detailed specification listing, also in gold print, though a light background made it a bit hard to read.  With a box cover removed, you have a semi transparent frosted insert with headphones stored underneath.  Included with headphones you will find 3 sets of S/M/L eartips, one with a narrow bore, one with a wider bore, and one custom hybrid with a wide bore.  While a lot of headphone manufacturers use commonly available eartip sets, I was quite impressed to find a set of hybrid eartips like I never seen before.  You also get a shirt clip and a nice draw-string pouch.


The headphones itself have a shape of a molded dual chamber shell, and the transparent color I choose for my set (it actually comes in a number of different colors) revealed both of the drivers as well as wiring and all the internal connections.  Though it might look a bit uncomfortable to put T1E in your ear, it actually has a very nice fitment.  Starting with a straight gold plated slim 3.5mm connector with a short but reliable strain relief, it follows with a quality OFC cable which according to TTPOD is actually silver-plated.  Moving up to y-splitter which matches the cylindrical shape and finish of the connector, you have a built-in chin slider (cable cinch) which slides right into the y-splitter capsule.  A very neat design idea where together it looks like one solid piece.  Moving up to earpiece shells, there is also a short and sturdy strain relief labeled with L/R and a raised dot on the R side to ID it by touch.  Headphones itself are very lightweight and have rounded edges which makes a fitment very comfortable.  Having a selection of correct eartips will greatly assist in keeping these in, and you can also wear them wire down or wire up where a soft cable shielding goes smoothly over your ear and chin slider keeps the cable tucked in.


Now comes the fun part - how do these sound?  To start off, due to its excellent bass performance these have L-shaped (balanced with an enhanced low end) sound signature, very smooth, warm, and melodic.  Starting with a bass, which is a star in here, you get a deep sub-bass with a sizzling texture and a fast aggressive mid-bass punch.  Bass does spills a bit into lower mids, but has a very nice separation from upper mids.  I was actually surprised expecting the bass to overpower the rest of the spectrum, but found this dual dynamic design keeping its upper mids clear and well separated.  These are smooth and warm; they do lack some details since they are not as bright, but I don't consider it as a shortfall.  Treble is clear, though not as extended which could be just a perception due to upper mids/treble being warm.  This signature makes sound non-fatigue and great for extended listening period.  Don't make my reference about smooth and warm discourage you since the upper mids have a great delivery of vocals with a lot of clarity.  With a right set of eartips to create a perfect seal, I found T1E to provide a very good sound isolation.  Also, soundstage was definitely above the average in width/depth.  Furthermore, I didn't sense any microphonics effect from a cable wearing these wired down or up.  Overall, the sound was quite forgiving even with lower quality music, thanks to its warm signature.


Since I have reviewed in the past a number of other giant killer headphones, I thought to write a quick comparison with a few other headphones in this "budget" category.  With T1E vs KC06A, KC06 sub-bass is not as deep, but mid-bass has a similar impact; mids are brighter where upper mids a bit more recessed and more detailed, but feels a bit harsher in comparison; treble has a bit more extension due to brightness; soundstage is not as deep.  With T1E vs VSD3S, VSD3S sub-bass is similar but mid-bass is not as aggressive; upper mids are more detailed, brighter and harsher; treble has more extension; soundstage is similar.  With T1E vs B3 Pro I, B3 sub-bass has a similar quality but scaled down quantity, and similar fast punch, but less quantity with lows having less overall "weight"; B3 has a much better separation and layering; upper mids are more detailed and clear, no harshness at all; treble more extended and crispier; soundstage is the best of them all; and it requires a little more power to drive, about 15 more volume clicks in comparison to other headphones.


Overall, T1E is one sexy pair of in-ear headphones that doesn't just look good, but also sounds good.  Without a doubt, bass is a star of their sound, and some might even find their performance borderline basshead, especially if you switch to narrow bore eartips which exaggerate low frequency by filtering down highs.  But one important thing to note, with bass-enhanced headphones you often lose a quality of upper mids which results in veiled and recessed vocals.  Here, upper mids/treble might not be as bright, but its very clear and perfectly balanced with low frequencies.  Definitely a great pair of headphones to consider!


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They look like baby-ie800s! Do they sound like baby-ie800s????
don't have Senns IE800, but we are talking about $49 vs $800 ;)
Twister, can you do a comparison between these and the Fidue A63? I listen mostly to electronic music (house, techno, etc..). I had the Vsonic VSD1S and like there sound signature overall (bass was good enough) but thought they could be a bit more refined; plus, they fell apart on me in just over 4 months.
I recently bought the KC06 (not the A version) and liked the details in the mid range and treble but am finding them a bit too bright and sensitive to volume changes on my iphone 4s. Also, bass impact isn't quite satisfying (not really looking for overpowering bass, though). 
@WAV Hunter : A63 has more emphasis on upper mids, it's brighter and more detailed.  T1E is opposite, where the emphasis is shifted to lows with deep sub-bass and more aggressive mid-bass punch.  If you are comparing T1E vs A63 and want satisfying bass impact for the style of music you listen to - T1E is a better choice.  KC06A will be good as well if you want more details without too much brightness and don't care about deeper soundstage.  VSD3S are good as well, but they don't have the same low end punch as T1E and KC06A.  Btw, I just got VSD1S for review as well, apparently VSonic redesigned it with a better cable, etc.
Thanks for awesome review!
@twister6 : Thanks for the info. Which would you say is the brighter IEM, the KC06A or the A63? Thanks again.
@WAV Hunter : as I mentioned in my reply above, A63 is definitely brighter.
I have been using these things for a while and I really love them! All I can say is that the SQ really goes beyond the price range. Whether you plug it into your iPhone, AK120 or whatever source you have, I'm sure that you will feel astonished as I do.
How about comparing the TTPOD and HABY B3 Pro 1/2?
@egosumlux : its already in my review above, in the last paragraph before the summary.  Don't have Pro 2 (that one is not that good with it's enhanced bass), just have Pro 1.
great review, any chance of comparing them to Sony XBA-H3?
Did you tried tip-rolling? I compared the T1 and what i remember from the T1-E to my IM70's and despite the fact that they weren't superior, i still enjoyed them. I felt the bass, though decent, had more control but not losing impact on my IM70's with Sony Hybrids. The housing is more comfortable than the IM70's, though after a long period of time it gets annoying (but that could be me, i got used to using on-ear). The only big issue i have with it, is the freaking cable. When i get them out of the pouch, takes me around 2 o 3 minutes to untangle them, and i've only had them for 5 days, give or take.
Sorry I got past it, my bad . I think the new chinese potential giant killers deserve their own comparison thread for every 2 months or so we get a seemingly better contender (maybe just FOTM) and it's getting a lot harder to recommend a good mid-fi IEM nowadays
@oxygen1 : sorry, don't have H3.  You should visit T1E appreciate thread and post a question in there.  I'm pretty sure Hisoundfi will chime in with his reply since he has both.
The sound Sig you described matches the 1p2, any chance you can compare them?
They look like the JVC fxt90 and the IE800 had a baby. a clear baby. do these use the old twin driver from jvc?
design looks copied from ie800, surprised sennheiser hasn't sued them yet.
$50?!?! Wow! 
How does this pair compares to Hippo VB?  Thanks.
So are vocals fairly upfront?