Yet another exercise thread: PK3s ? dying
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Dec 26, 2006
So, I've used some PX100s for almost 7 years, and, more recently, some Sportapros, for exercise on an elliptical device. Tried the iGrado: Great sound but hated the fit. I needed something much more portable for exercise during travel: Bought the PK3s. They worked well for a time. Some months ago, they began malfunctioning, in some sort of weird way: Much crackling, and occasionally they seem to shock my ears.

Complicating this: 1. I started back running (after a 30 year hiatus) about a year ago. At present, I'm using some PMX 100s for running. SQ not as good at the older PX, but they stay on. The PX100s and Sportapros do not stay on well during exercise.

2. I can't stand IEMs for exercise. Tried. More than once. Not an option.

I need new travel buds. Considering the PK2. Are they better constructed than the PK3? Has anyone else had PK3s fail?

I've read about 100 threads in the last few days about exercise and 'phones. Most people like IEMs. The PX100 is the other big choice. However, I have to have buds for travel (I travel with only carry on bags, and it's already a huge stretch to carry workout gear on a business trip).

What say you?

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I believe PK3, PK2 and PK1 all have the same level of construction so I think you shouldn't consider PK2. I have had a few pairs of PK3's fail on me, still love the sound but average life expectancy for the few that I've had have been a 3-6 months.
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You could try the koss ksc75. The clip on design works great for exercising; they are what I usually use when I go running. Not as compact as ear buds, but if you are putting them into a carry on bag the difference is nominal. They are cheap, and have great bang for the buck sound quality.
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Originally Posted by JxK /img/forum/go_quote.gif
You could try the koss ksc75.

A friend uses them solely for daily jogs, though I'm not a fan.
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I tried the 75s early on, before I started running again. They fall off. I need buds of some kind.
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Originally Posted by neco /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I believe PK3, PK2 and PK1 all have the same level of construction so I think you shouldn't consider PK2. I have had a few pairs of PK3's fail on me, still love the sound but average life expectancy for the few that I've had have been a 3-6 months.

Exactly the same experience here. I've been through 2 pairs of PK3 and am now on my second pair of PK2 and every time they died from the same problem. The cable breaks internally at the point where it leaves the jack. No matter in which pocket or how carefully I wear them, the cable gets bended at that point and eventually breaks, every time. An L-shaped jack would probably help, but the cable is just too fragile, it's a shame.

I'll probably move over to the Sennheiser MX880 or MX890 when they become available, hopefully the SQ is on par with the Yuins.
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*makes sad face* Will likewise await the Senns. I have some OK2s which I use at my desk for the occasional music fix. Will be sure to treat them carefully...

Thanks to all.
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Have you tried any of the sport products from Sennheiser? The MX680 are buds with in ear "clips" that look like they are pretty solid. I have the PMX80's and outside of poor noise isolation they work very well and I never have to worry about them falling out/off. Sound quality is pretty decent as well.
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I didn't like the sound of the old products. And the Mx 85 (not the v.2) sort of hurt my ears. I am actually contemplating the OMX 680. Wish there were more reviews of the Senn/"Adidas" line...

I suppose that if I buy some, I'll have to post some rudimentary impressions. I can't write at all like most of the serious reviewers herein (despite reading HP since the early days *puts on flame suit*), but I can write what I hear.
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I'm assuming that you've eliminated ordinary static discharge as to the crackling and shocking problem that you're having? Some days when using earbuds I shock the heck out of my ears after walking back to my desk at work.
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Yes. They also do it when I'm just sitting. Unfortunate. But, good point.
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I don't think Yuin's are billed as a waterproof earbud are they? I wonder if perhaps the issue isn't with cord malfunction, but rather water getting into the earbud itself and causing shortouts?

I have a pair of behind the neck Senn earbuds for sports....can't remember the exact model, and they are ok. Definitely water proof. But at least with this particular model, they don't even belong in the same conversation as the PK2.

I had a "water proof" armband for my Nano 3g a couple of years ago and one day I was running and the music suddenly stopped. Apparently that "water proof" armband wasn't so water proof. The sweat got onto the line out connection at the bottom and fried it. =(
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Also a good point. Agree that the Senn sport models aren't in the same league as the Yuins. Even the PK3.

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