Yeah! My new NW-A828 arrived!
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Originally Posted by GordonFreeman /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Im not a big Sony fan but I do need to say that is one really nice looking DAP. Everyone says they sound fantastic too. Have fun.

Why not a Sony fan? Should just try it out
. That looks wonderful.
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Originally Posted by souperman /img/forum/go_quote.gif's still stuck with SonicStage? Will the US version be drag and drop? No way am I using that SS.

From the Engadget review ( Video: Hands-on Sony's NWZ-A829 Walkman with Bluetooth - Engadget )


Rejoice! Gone are the days of SonicStage and ATRAC. Now, Sony bundles Media Manager for Walkman (Windows only) and an ATRAC to MP3 "Convertion" Tool right on the CD. Unfortunately, these are only supported under Microsoft OSes. Having said that, OS X Leopard recognized the player just fine when we attached it over USB. Everything was laid out in neatly defined folders for music, photos, video, etc. Fine if you want to manage all your digital content yourself and don't want to bother with custom playlists or other niceties.
Now the moment of truth: video. So we dragged a couple of videos into the Walkman Media Manager. We figured they would get sucked over to the Walkman or at worst, be converted into the MPEG-4/H.264 format the player recognizes. Nope. Oh Media Manager could do it, but you have to pay extra to turn it on. Like the Bluetooth headphones, there's added cost for functionality which should exist in the box. After all, Sony's not a market leader, they're playing catch up here. It's especially annoying when Media Manager plays the files but frustratingly (to the average user) will not transfer them. Instead, Joe User receives a message saying the file is "not compatible." So he buys the $12.95 Media Manager Pro for Walkman upgrade (via the always visible "Go Pro" tab) and grumbles to his friends about how lame Sony is.
Once we had the video transfered it looked great... or at least as good as it gets on a 2.4-inch QVGA display.

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You've got to remember, that his version is the japanese version. Perhaps they still operate on the SonicStage software.
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Originally Posted by Amblin /img/forum/go_quote.gif
You've got to remember, that his version is the japanese version. Perhaps they still operate on the SonicStage software.

Also from Engadget: Sony's Bluetooth-enabled Walkman A820-series unhanded - Engadget


After the European PR agency seemingly jumped the gun, we finally get some actual press and hands-on shots of Sony's newest video Walkman. The NW-A820 series as it's known in Japan does everything its other NWZ-A820 brother can do in Europe (and presumably the US) only with that icky ATRAC and SonicStage baggage in tow. Sony also announced a new ¥20,000 (about $186) VRC-NW10 cradle with video-out and trick little video-in capability for real-time MPEG-4 recordings straight back to your A820-series player. A SRS-NWT10M external speaker is priced low enough at ¥3,000 ($28) that every teen-age jackass riding the subway will have one. Japan will see the new players in black, white and pink and in 16GB and 8GB models priced at ¥38,000 ($354) and ¥28,000 ($260), respectively. Check the gallery for hot A820 on iPod touch action.

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Hello Night Surfer,
Here you go. The same album art shown in larger mode. When I compare A828 to A818 side by side, 0.4 " display difference (2.4" vs 2.0") is more than I guessed before.

Gorgeous! Thanks very much.
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The hardware of A7xx & A82x series is the same as the hardware of A81x(with the addition of Bluetooth to A82x series and the larger screens). So the specs are the same too, as well as the firmware.
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hey did yours come with a bluetooth headphone as well as the ex earbuds?? i kno the american versions do, but they dont have them in white from what ive seen so far... ive only seen white in the 72x model on
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Originally Posted by Night Surfer /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Could you tell me what "Intelligent Shuffle" is please?

In addition to usual shuffle, Intelligent Shuffle has more options. Time Machine Shuffle will pick a random year and play all songs of that year in random order. Frequent Listening Shuffle will play songs that you listen to often in random order.

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