Wireless 5.1 Headphones
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Originally Posted by BlackNoir
ok, I'm basically looking for the best set of headphones for watching tv/movies when the kids are asleep. I'd prefer wireless.

mmm sounds like a job for sennheiser
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yeah just buy whatever Sennheiser or AKG wireless that you can afford and it will work nice.
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No, not true. The general consensus here is that the Pioneer SE-DIR800Cs are a pretty good deal, or you can get the 800C base with the Audio-Technica ATH-DCL3000R cans too.

I picked up the 800Cs a few years back for $300 shipped and they do a decent job for a pair of wireless Dolby Headphones (uses true Dolby Headphones). Check out http://www4.head-fi.org/forums/showthread.php?t=59210

Anyone know if I can use my 800C base with the DIR2000C cans and if they're any good? If not I just might save up for the expensive ATs...
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If you go wireless, you're going to take a significant sound quality hit, all for the sake of not having an ambilical cord going to your amp. Are you really sure that's okay with you?
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Originally Posted by BlackNoir
ok, so does the same brands stand for corded headphones?

Describe what you're after in sound and we'll try to help you. Headphones can vary a lot when it comes to their flavour.

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