WinXP Image problems
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Jun 24, 2003
Not sure about the wealth of OS knowledge on here, but thought i'd give it a shot.

Every time I'm trying to save an image file from the net, Winblows will only save it as a *.bmp. even if it's blatantly a .jpg or .gif or anything else...

ONLY! as a bmp.... it's driving me crazy having to convert them all to either a jpg or gif..... (even tho i've probably got about 40Gb of spare HDD space remaining...)

Edit: oh, can anyone help me out with this problem??? LOL!
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How are you saving? I assume you're using a browser, so you're just right clicking and saving to disk? Trying to figure out if it's a straight download or you're copying to the clipboard first.
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You have to downgrade to either Internet Explorer 5.5 (which worked properly), or upgrade to Mozilla Firebird. IE 6.0 only saves images as BMP regardless of their original type, and also won't save some images if the creator has specified non-save tags.

I highly recommend Mozilla Firebird. I had tried Mozilla before, and it was always slow, but everything has changed now. Firebird is MUCH faster than IE, especially on a dial-up connection (about 300% faster for me).
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NO!!! Just clear your temp files/browse cache. I get this every once in a while. It is actually a very well documented problem and google probably would have helped you out. I beleive there is even a freakin MSKB article about this.
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that was just what the doctor ordered.... all is well now..

i did a google search, but couldn't find anything that i was looking for... but more and more these days, you have to be asking google exactly the right questions to get the right answers...

thanks heaps guys....

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