Who sings the song is on the new Ipod commercial?
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B-side J

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Jan 1, 2006
Sounds like Cassabian...? If not who is it?
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Originally Posted by xixco
needs more info

It's the comm. with a red background. It's a rock song and says something like "Different faces & different places". I dunno how eles to explain it, sorry.
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Originally Posted by feh1325
i believe its spelled kasabian, not cassabian

Thanks, but is it them?
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"Love Train" by Wolfmother

I was looking for it too. Then I realized I had it on my computer and I hadn't listened to it yet. Silly me. The only version I could find is a live version, it's still an awesome song though. Wolfmother rocks, I recommend "Dimension" by them. Or anything by them for that matter.

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