white noise music/sound?
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Nov 24, 2002
Do any of you listen to white noise music/sound when you go to sleep? I was reading Consumer report and appearly white noise make better sleep. Anyone has good suggestion?
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I use a noise machine in my bedroom to aid sleep. Obvious criteria for evaluating these machines are:
  1. sound quality (digitized resolution, speaker quality or external speaker jack, length of "loop")
  2. reliability
  3. portabilty (some travel with it)
Unlike a couple of previous models that broke down, our current one, The Marsonna DS600, has lasted several years. It is a sound spa, or sound conditioner with several digitized sounds (rain, waterfall, etc.). Therapists often use a white noise machine to prevent counseling sessions from being overheard in an adjacent room. Marpac machines have a good reputation for such office use.
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Shoot I just use a small fan on low... none of this newfangled techno nonsense

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