Which tips?
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Jan 16, 2003
I have been using Ety large biflanges (or sometimes large yellow foamies) with my Altec Lansing im716s and would like something more comfortable and perhaps better isolating. Comply tips seem popular, but I'm concerned they will be too small (because they only come in regular and slim). Shure black olive? Other?

I use them almost exclusively for flying, if that matters.

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I've used Olives with the im716s, and you have to really twist them on. But they are very comfy. Have you tried the Ety black foamies, which are barrel shaped but not as large as the yellows? Ety sells them, and they work with the 716s.

Another option is the Sleek soft silicone flanges (check the Sleek website). They are comfy and work pretty well with the 716s too.

As for Complys, the T100s only come in standard and thin, but P series standard foamies are pretty big, and you can get them on the 716s.

Just some ideas.
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My concern with the Comply is that they would be too thin, not that they are too short. Something that's about the same size as the Ety bi-flange would be fine.

Which of the Complys, Olives and Sleeks are likely to be most comfortable and isolating? I realize I could order them all, but that seems a bit much.
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There is nothing close to the size of the large Ety foams. The Shure black olives are the closest you'll get.

dropped you a PM.

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Been using the comply P foam slim tips with my er4s. So far its been very comfortable and the isolation is more than adequate
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The Ety 6i large bi-flanges are my usual tips. They fit nicely. They become uncomfortable after a while on long flights. Are the comply foams any thinner?

I just turned on PM

By the way, how wide are the large and medium Shure blacks and the standard comply tips, in mm?
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I am a firm supporter of using foams. They are just so much more comfortable than bi or tri-flanges. If i have an IEM wth foams, i literally never take them because they cause no discomfort. Get standard compys, shure olives, or Medium Ety foams, trust me, the comfort level will rise by 100%.
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I started using bi-flanges because I found them more comfortable than standard shure or ety foams (the shure with my old e2). The medium ety foams are a bit small and the large ety foams are a bit big for me.

How do the shure olives and standard complys compare as to size?

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